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        The equally, lzm’s invent of cure SARS could be to cure a patient of bird flu or phthisis within in 30 minutes!  All politico whom assist China Gov. to conceal this medicine invents same the war criminal not different from!war criminal not different from!             

         PCT/SG03/00145 is above lzm's invent , but this global village have too many hypocrite politico, they talk in high-sounding tone but yet submit to the China Government’s enticement of money and beautiful woman in the dark and instruct their patent office of country to cancel this invent patent to use all sorts of wiles and methods!     Such as the US patent office, EPO patent office and AU patent office...Please link to our websites of or  !

To formulate the key to lengthen your life for more than 10year! 

   What is the price of life?   Originality in the world !         Specification   

lzm's latest invent proclamation the world now!

          Why my medical treatment of rejuvenation cannot apply in PCT patent office and cannot be publicized? The answer was below:

Application in the patent office of  EPO

 (Evil administration means)

LZM  Patent  Office

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07 Singapore 329949  ( )

Tel: 65 63533647 Fax: 65 62585636    Email: 


The European 

Patents Office   

Receiving Section  

Ms. H. Block 


PCT Application No.  PCT/SG03/00145

Patent Application No.  03750011.3

                I sent a fax to you on Mar.17, 2005, on responding the letter titled “Our communication form 1122 dated Mar.09, 2005” which I received again on April 16, 2005.

        Your communication form 1122 dated Mar.09, 2005 which was very to be clear about that below:                                                                  

        Under Article 133(2) EPC natural or legal persons not having either a residence or their principal place of business within the territory of one of the EPC contracting States must be represented by a professional representative (Art. 134 EPC) and act through him in all proceedings established by the EPC (other than the filing of a European patent application).                              

     I act correctly under the Article 133(2) and had provided a natural person who is the Mr. Anthong & Nancy Yim and their residence of United Kingdom.  Since I had given you the residence address, I do not have to be represented by a professional representative.  I had gone a step further to described that the address used was the same as my GB 0318315.9 of UK application number!

I think that I was unnecessary a professional representative to file an EPO application, I hope that you can show understanding for this and not delay the filing date again.     

About the difference of the national basic fee is EUR 35.- from 01.01.05, I will send a check for the amount that I have not paid or if you may deduct the amount from my visa card, the card number is 4966 1320 0525 4755 (045), the expire date is 05/08, please to notify me, thank you!

We look forward to an early reply.   Thank you very much!


Yours faithfully,

applicant : Lin Zhen Man

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949

Apr. 18, 2005


Tel: 31 70 340 2040   Fax: 31 70 340 3016

P.B. 5818-Patentlaan 2

2280 HA Rijswijk (ZH)   Holland


Dear H. Block,

Please reply via as soon as possible, urgent, thank you!

Lin Zhen Man




LZM Patent (liaison) Office

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07  Singapore 329949

Tel: 65-63533647      Fax: 65-62585636   E-Mail:

Yet Chong Electric Company    (Medicine Patent Deparment)

Blk. C-4, 13/F., Wing Hing Ind. Bldg., 14 Hing Yip St., Kwun Tong, Kln. Hong Kong

TEL : (852) 3618-7808 3116-0137    (86) 755 2535-3546  FAX : (852) 3111-4197  30078352