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        The equally, lzm’s invent of cure SARS could be to cure a patient of bird flu or phthisis within in 30 minutes!  All politico whom assist China Gov. to conceal this medicine invents same the war criminal not different from!war criminal not different from!             

         PCT/SG03/00145 is above lzm's invent , but this global village have too many hypocrite politico, they talk in high-sounding tone but yet submit to the China Government’s enticement of money and beautiful woman in the dark and instruct their patent office of country to cancel this invent patent to use all sorts of wiles and methods!     Such as the US patent office, EPO patent office and AU patent office...Please link to our websites of or  !

To formulate the key to lengthen your life for more than 10year! 

   What is the price of life?   Originality in the world !         Specification   

lzm's latest invent proclamation the world now!

          Why my medical treatment of rejuvenation cannot apply in PCT patent office and cannot be publicized? The answer was below:

Application in the patent office of  EPO

 (Evil administration means)

LZM  Patent  Office

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07 Singapore 329949  ( )

Tel: 65 63533647 Fax: 65 62585636    Email: 


Patent Cooperation Treaty                                     

International Bureau of Wipo                                

34 Chemin Des Colombettes                                        

1211 GENEVA 20 SWITZERLAND                                   

Legal Officer

 Ms Anjali Aeri  

  Fax: 41 22 338 71 50

 May 26, 2006


           We had communication last year about my invent of PCT/SG03/00145.

EPC is a bloc-country of democracy with rule by law and PCT Contracting State, by the PCT Contract to stipulate, PCT Contracting State cannot refuse any one applicant of PCT application into the Designated Office for the purpose of obtaining national patents and not to endure discriminate against.

In the first place, the EPO patent office free-will for providing a direct entry into the European phase for my patent application that letter was send on Sep.24, 2004.  The ahead of time to fix up an application number is 03750011.3-2123  

I was to paid the application fee and filed on Feb.05, 2005.  But, a letter send by Ms. H. Block of EPO office has been to notification me to appointment of a professional representative on May.09, 2006.   

Then I was respond and provided a name of natural person and his residence in United Kingdom of EPC contracting States under the Article 133(2) of EPC law and to told for EPO officer that the address used was the same as my GB 0318315.9 of UK application number which letter fax no Mar.17, 2005. But, Ms. H. Block of EPO Receiving Section was a letter neurotic to contradicted the United Kingdom not EPC contracting States send on Apr.27, 2005.  The EPO officer’s speak incoherently to see the attach filed or to look-through the  Lastly, the Ms. Block Heiga of EPO office was decision to refuse European patent application pursuant to Article 91(3) EPC. 

The Ms. Block Heiga of EPO office in evidenced that she was a psychosis patient and insane to request me to appeal her decision by further processing of the application, however, I still not have to become mentally deranged for appeal, so applicant no alternative in first begin with to denunciation discriminate against by the Ms. Block Heiga of EPO office discriminate against! 

Therefore, under the PCT Article 66 (1), I had a right to denunciation; please under this Treaty by notification addressed to the Director General and EPO office! 

      The Avian Flu spreading at EPC now, this patent application was only for cure the Avian Flu, no any medicine could to substitute for this inventsuch this strange administration behavior from the EPO office it was unforgivable!  Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

Yours faithfully,

PCT/SG03//00145,   EPO- 03750011.3-2123

applicant : Lin Zhen Man

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949  May 26, 2006 


cc. EPO patent office (Director General)

P.B. 5818-Patentlaan 2

2280 HA Rijswijk (ZH)   Holland

Tel: 31 70 340 2040  

Fax: 31 70 340 3016 

Ms. Anjali Aeri  Legal Officer

Patent Cooperation Treaty                                         

International Bureau of Wipo                                      

34 Chemin Des Colombettes                   




LZM Patent (liaison) Office

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07  Singapore 329949

Tel: 65-63533647      Fax: 65-62585636   E-Mail:

Yet Chong Electric Company    (Medicine Patent Deparment)

Blk. C-4, 13/F., Wing Hing Ind. Bldg., 14 Hing Yip St., Kwun Tong, Kln. Hong Kong

TEL : (852) 3618-7808 3116-0137    (86) 755 2535-3546  FAX : (852) 3111-4197  30078352