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        The equally, lzm’s invent of cure SARS could be to cure a patient of bird flu or phthisis within in 30 minutes!  All politico whom assist China Gov. to conceal this medicine invents same the war criminal not different from!    

         PCT/SG03/00145 is above lzm's invent , but this global village have too many hypocrite politico, they talk in high-sounding tone but yet submit to the China Government’s enticement of money and beautiful woman in the dark and instruct their patent office of country to cancel this invent patent to use all sorts of wiles and methods!     Such as the US patent office, EPO patent office and AU patent office...Please link to our websites of or  !

To formulate the key to lengthen your life for more than 10year! 

   What is the price of life?   Originality in the world !         Specification   

lzm's latest invent proclamation the world now!

The New Zealand patent office already approved this application to become a first  

 civilization power country of west camps and to leave behind a good reputation in the annals of history.

You may be an opportunity to share the huge business profit of this invent, a simply value for this patent usufruct that under the 4,280,000 population of New Zealand per year is USD $3,933,463.00

shown at

  Below is the lzm's invention  application in NZ office 

Since after the  06 July. 2009 , the NZ patent office have not any

info  to applicant !


NZ Office grant patent on 06 July. 2009  PDF

Letter to NZ Patent Officer on 06 July. 2009


NZ Examiner's third report on 20 Mar 2008   PDF

Respond for Third Examination on 04 May. 2009 PDF


NZ Examiner's Second report on 20 Mar 2008   PDF

Letter to NZ Patent Officer on 18 Feb. 2008    PDF


NZ Examiner's First report on 20 Mar 2008   PDF

Letter to NZ Patent Officer on 18 Feb. 2008    PDF


  PCT patent application Surface-Treatment-of-SARS-Infected-Lungs 簡體 繁體



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