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The memoirs of lzm it will begin to draft with publish!

1.     The absolutely unrivaled medicine invention of “washing-lung” treatment  is arrogant by our company!

2.    We even came out with our rejuvenate treatment original first!

3.    Free health or pathological diagnosis consulting service. (producing)

4.    Our company’s invention of "three measures of aviation security" is the key to riddance the stock market crisis of  911case!  

5.  Our company’s latest explore-technique for submarine  of deep-sea & stealth aircraft to sell!

6.   Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

     & lzms memoirs

7.    Our company’s design of mechanical, electrical products and scientific research service! (producing)  

8More detailed commentary to link

9. List of open letters of third world large war of mankind society was still in proceeding!

 10. To conceal medicine invent of the center-battlefield of  world war III in HK

11. To tear off the true face of fake flu shot to any state leader, the victory of world war III. was to be visible!

12.  To exaggerate the temblor-calamity of Si_Chuan to cheat donate money very acute!

13. To conceal medicine invent of Killing-Inventor of third world war!      Further the cause of murder ! 

Chairman of a Committee Zhang DeJiang to bring up the rear for murder

14. In world war III that MH370 ,Charlie Weeklycases & the truth of Salute by  Xi Chairman

15. To conceal medicine invent of the Red-Shirt-Corps of third world war in Thailand

16. To conceal medicine invent of the Red-Shirt-Corps of third world war in Taiwan!   (in-producing)

17.  Why CP-China must effort to conceal lzm’s medicine invention?

 The truth machinations of everything is clear at HK now!

18. To murder & Idiot citizen to upgrade at the special pages of CarrieLam to shown undoubtedly!

Why?  More record  CN中文

19.  Why to besiege Lzm that means still can to reappear at PolicePage

20.Yellow Peril commonly known as " yellow peril theory" Why the resurgence ?      中文

21. Prediction by Chang Kuo-lao, today the world will specter billowing!   中文

      Today, why the so-called "new crown pneumonia" or COVID-19 can cause calamity in global? ! 

     Because the COVID-19 true as SARS germs nothing more, so after by ICTV to formal denominate for SARS-CoV-2 same 2003year the second kind of SARS germs, but WHO just afraid to call “new SARS virus”, whyThat just because in the SARS crisis phase, lzm at once by & that invention of “wash lung” treatment to announce to defeat SARS and re-write the pneumonia medicine history!  In the meantime, the cancer to harm human the same as SARS already to become a history!

      So the WHO to change name for COVID-19 to assume thus can to gloss over that after to conceal the ugly features, but no function still more a very ugly person!

      Due today's COVID-19 crisis, that just is by out of body things to exploitation after again by the "test kit" to fake diagnosis for a morbidity in body  it come from HK the means of medical fraud, and because now WHO Director Tedros Adhanom with ex-WHODirector Margaret Chan that an amazing intimate photo from Aboluow news to on purpose exposure on March 8, 2020 after, so WHO Tedros Adhanom must to kneel down at once to agree with spread!

       In addition, if the "wash lung" & "freezing" two treatment of PCT/SG03/00145 to open approve for international society it will lead west power and their big business of vaccine & drug to majority will bankruptcy, also by this two big group of not virtue to intervene between in election war of political party, so the COVID-19 only can to cause calamity in globally, more details can be viewed at: or or  or turn to .sg   

     Because by "oral fluid or nostril to digging feces" of germs or virus that all come from crude things and "out of body" how could thorough to upside down medicine-ethics again abnormal to diagnosis "in body" the morbidity?  

     So this clear newest HK medical fraud up to date history witness at:   e or htm

Wear mask just like a murder trap undoubtedly! or htm

      This is an irrational attempt still influence WHO hold on to international conceal the "wash Lung" & "freezing" two lifesaving treatment only can to continue open up a road for fool tool of "vaccine"!  But already useless too, at .htm or as total 175countries in Beijing, Taiwan & consulate in HK in visible  "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" if to use, any plague with Vietnamese zero death so the COVID-19 at once just can to get out:

     It unusual is, the masked students still will to hypoxia if not run to sudden death for a short while also will to lead their brain cells to death and day by day to add autism after be stupid!  Because the situation acute, to see the englishor htm visible a letter to Secretary for Education of HK already still clear, so today’s countries leaders can’t again to cheat by WHO & fraud COVID-19 to lead their younger generation of self country also to idiot so unable to confess for their public!

     Anyone country leader still can not to be fully aware the test kit of COVID-19 of HK exactly fraud to tort means but who still to use to betray self country the public profit that criminal offense too just as to President of LegCo of HK in letter to listed at english or .htm visible that already have merit by legal profession of Anyone country to consult to quote!

《 Centenarian Exempt-doctor of Times 》come to already!

If including at .htm or asvisible "home health hygiene" by "Saturated Saline" also to know the world already, and with "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" two compendious statement at  can to see,  if in the meanwhile to use, life expectancy will to 130years old is also easy, hospitals and clinic also It will be greatly reduced! Any plague and "virus vaccine" that medical scams including WHO this trash will go to hell forever!

Also, as can to see at the brine health hygiene or near future the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" at or .htm without except twice by email to inform all USA University

    Therefore,  by news can to see, the President Trump on Jan., 01, 2021 abruptly at White House fervor to lecture to state: 『…the “Speed Curve Operationto success is amedical miracle” , “We will end the pandemic once and for all”…』!    

  Because theSpeed Curve Operationjust is above the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law"  so by Trump to interpret or by this a tone sandhi to warn behind Joe Biden of the vote powers can not void his right of appeal, if not will to open this Prevention Law for worldwide!

But then in behind USA the vote powers at once to start to impeach Trump with seems in the dark to swap 4years after again support Trump to be elected president to force Trump can’t open one's mouth to success trade after, so the impeach case to fail it at once come to…

So then Joe Biden to be elected after of the Britain Queen also must to be forced for the first time to wear a mask to come on the stage, I think by this stoop to compromise only can cause mad for Prince Philip so must to sent hospital on March 16, 2021, and though succeed to accept a surgical operation of heart, but very sadly is still to depart for heaven on April 09, 2021..., so as this a misfeasance to obvious of the west international powers why can to take national life to trade?

The “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" or for shortLung breathing technique

Already to cause President Trump to youthful!

   Still more to wear a mask very harmful health as  with all vaccine nil any science a basis at  or in also early already to inform any Country Gov. circles, unusual is “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" of lzm’s latest invent it to include above the President Trump to face medium at the White House to publish this invent is a “medical miracle” !

And by above right photo or visible, why the President Trump’s face those wrinkle can to not many already to show youthful?

Just due to as lzm a letter to Mr. Cheung Kin-chung of Chief Secretary inform about Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to be outspoken

if above 60years old man by this to prevent fever disease beyond, every day in time of Morning, afternoon and night by their double nostril fiercely inhale and exhaust repeatedly over three times to become a body-building of inertia it only beneficial can to dilate the lung cavity with not easy to atrophy, so the vital capacity will to increased so again to add life-span of 10-20years, if want early to die who has no easy! or for shortLung breathing techniqueonly can to lead Trump’s youthful this historical at here!

And at all can’t to incredible so it already must to opinion of the public in worldwide!

    Just likeZhang Guolao’s predicted that today's world after a thousand years: the world will be overwhelming with ghosts, and people will learn from ghosts.

Mask Make Long to incur beat soundly a palm the history witness!

So French make and curfew order only can to cancel !

    Because all countries even have a selfish politicians manipulate to be fully aware to wear masks only be beneficial to moron nationals, and then they have  WHO Director Tedros Adhanom  already to kneel accept Wuhan plague the fake banner in hand after also at once indiscriminate the right and wrong, as to dun paymentby lzm after no face of the Fr. President Make Long as right photo to anger hit a palm by a masks people on 2021.6.08 and 10days after  only can to rescind the masks with curfew order!

       But then lzms to fore closed  in HK on 2021.3.03 after,  it is because despite tie by Biden to assume office after though complain in…, also then Biden's vaccine passport in Phoenix TV to shown 2days after, the HKCE CarrieLam also particularly excited immediately at HKTV announced already have vaccines passports, but Biden's vaccine passport in the US to triggered a strong debate so the Republicans to state find a "new weapons"..., so the white House to be compelled proclaim will not be sign & issue on 2021.4.07,  the WHO also to opposition on the same day!   But after on 2,021,508, the CE CarrieLam’s second son to enroll by a US College no again to punish with Biden's swap that can’t none, so the vaccines passports that inside to be related is not simple ..., therefore, to calamity at world starting from HK the medicine fraud of “diagnosis Covid-19” will can not to stop!

   But the CE CarrieLam already take the lead to shootKexing Xinguan vaccine” again cheat citizen as Zhang Guolao’s predictedall vile and sinister in naturemust to do adequate personal protective measures the lie around, but solely not to introduce the "Lung Airflow Prevention Law" for citizens, because all media are strictly control in HK as in the know but afraid to speak!     

      ......In editing...


Above just to have a France Heroes only can to cancel mask & curfew order, but below the JP, NZ, IN and TW same have or no?

    Also due toor .htm visible "Lung Airflow Prevention Law" have been spread  throughout all USA Uni, and many states have already announced to  cancel masks order, still more as or to dun payment by lzm of the Abe Shinzo Premier the same already to know lzm’s five big invention especially is Prevention Law already cant to block and anyone must to use,  so still can to be fooled by CP-China again to swallow lzm’s patent right as right photo, can not?

  Therefore, still have some man mettle of the Abe Shinzo at once malinger to resign on August of 2020 only can to let Kan Yiwei Premier can to arrogation not know as lzm’s or to dun payment after the New Zealand Bill English premier who the same must malinger to resign on 2017 and give place to a woman premier Jacinda Ardern, but after who did not dare to stay in Beijing to exceed 24 hours, because who was very afraid by secretly to feed philters to control!



NZ Bill 首相

NZ 阿爾登首相


   More historical records comments on can be found in Chang Kuo-lao’s prediction now this special column to undoubtedly!


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History will to give judgment them one by one!  (producing)

The below leaders shared joy and sorrow with our company's  invention and their history-duty did not to shuffle off!  


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