To break through for Medical Treat of Cancer !

     In Lin's invention of patent paper that are below:


     The effect of difference in temperature to cure many diseases that was brand-new medical concept in lin’s invention and guided to defeat cancer that had reported a success in the hospital of Hong Kong!

         The fear of mankind for cancer will also become history as SARS!   Many patients must government popularize to save, any conceal historical fact is a kind of fault! 

The fear from SARS of historical-brand

In SARS for wild period, by news that the Jiang Zheman was away from capital to avoid pestilence, at the same time Singapore’s premier of Mr. Wu Zuo Dong was cancels to visit Shanghai too, By TV news the HK Chief of Mr. Dong Jan Hua was profess the doctor had prevent him to visit ward!  The fear from SARS of historical-brand won’t wipe off easily!

The China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore of four Chinese Gov. at the same time to united suppress fact of lin’s invention, why?  Who is the backstage host?   

To break through for Medical Treat of Cancer

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To touch on the invention below:

Discussion 3

Taking out and sterilizing lung lobes is not just a dream. It involves the invention and clinical application of external blood oxygen adding device. This method includes liquid medicine submersion and temperature difference treatment, the latter being the latest medical concept not only suitable for lung patients but also for cancer patients and others. Further exploration of this method may help to replace antibiotic blood therapy with this method:

                        a.   External liquid medicine submersion is more flexible that internal liquid medicine submersion. There are   a few or no     Liquid medicines that do not damage alveolus tissues. However, an effective liquid medicine for lung lobe submersion will be more effective and attractive if combined with supersonic wave.

                        b. What is temperature difference treatment?  The organs and virus under treatment have difference physiological temperature curves. Temperature difference effect is achieved by selecting a temperature point which is fatal to viruses but from which the organs treated can revive. It is not important whether   this method is recorded in medical literature, but the method proves simple, the essential point is the  revival rate of the organ under treatment. This is therefore a highly recommended method.

Discussion 4

Local quick freezing and sterilizing of lung lobes is also based on temperature differences but technically it is an improvement from the above three discussions. Taking out lung lobes without cutting off arteries and veins may minimize the damage to the organ and inter-organ contact, making this method practical. While it is difficult to carry out on Lungs, it is feasible for “semi-detached organs” like. The root of the problem is that the quick-freezing equipment involved is not as simple as an ammonia cyclic refrigerator. The clinic freezing device must work in contact mode and is capable of lowering the temperature of an organ of about 1 kg to -30-50 within 5 ~ 10 seconds. Many medical fields are gone up and breakthroughs will rely on this kind of technical accomplishment, that is made in accordance to the trade circle of science and technology requirement.

The  Chest Lung Department of Queen Mary Hospital of Hong Kong

had to promotion-application from the theoretical of the effect of difference in temperature


The  historical  witness below!