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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

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The war acts in

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Why the Wash-Lung & Refrigerate two treatment still not open  for citizen of HK? 


 ---The most uncivilized a paragraph of history case it will biography in here---

Uncontrolled Document When Printed

Yellow Peril commonly known as " yellow peril theory" 

Why to resurgence now?

 推背圖56 已未
 "Tui bei tu" section 56shape  Not  yet

讖曰飛者非鳥,   潛者非魚  戰不在兵,  造化遊戲 !

OmenFlier not bird,  Diving man not fish,   War not private,  Creator to play!

曰:海彊萬里盡雲煙 上迄雲霄下及泉。  母朩公工幻弄,


EulogizeSea ten thousand kilometers to make clouds, Up to skies below reach fountain

                Magic to pay by dynastic subjugated corps, arms not take calamities big to sky



Sage sigh to saying This shape is to show on march to fight not by private but intense

                                     war on far-off seas regions not only in China too!

In editing...


    Later,Shaanxi’s Beibowen Stele of Taibai Mountainto predicted:


    “If you ask the plague when will it star , only to see  October between severe winter”, “But repeatedly to worry about the calamities in Huguang”, “As if to ask when is the big peace year, as by bridging to greet new master,  then the head 60years new epoch to come, everyone will burst into laugh!


Magic to pay by dynastic subjugated corps, arms not take calamities big to skyto witness as below


By out of body things to diagnosis Covid-19 of medicine fraud starting from HK

今天, 為何由袁國勇、許樹昌梁卓偉如此三大醫學怪獸陳肇始陳漢儀 竟就可故意將普通感冒病例或口液、鼻孔中一時有病毒 如此體外之物 也無發燒者市民均列為“新冠狀病毒”可疑感染者隔離? 從而就可駕空國際人權法、侵犯基本人權?並祸乱全球海彊萬里盡雲煙陝西太白山劉伯溫碑記》預言之中!

       Today, why did Yuan Guoyong, SC Hui and Gabriel Leung the "three medical monsters", Sophia Chan and Chan Hon-yee who actually should be purposely to order the common cold case or from in the "saliva" or "nostril excrement" for a short while has virus but not fever’s citizen even listed as a "new coronavirus" doubtful infector must to arrest Isolation?   And as this result to driving empty international human rights law to invade basic human rights?  And to scourge worldwide thatSea ten thousand kilometers to make clouds already inShaanxi’s Beibowen Stele of Taibai Mountainto predicted!

   現,如此的醫學哄騙術國際通行狂發, 幻弄特技何在?

     Now, as this Medical trick technique already crazily widespread internationally unimpeded, but where is the magic trick?


        As long as the "oral fluid or nostril to digging feces" that outside body the things include non-feverish people also must be tested!


     If have, it will be tested for "positive", or else for "negative"!  And after again to pull out CP China’s ZhongNanshan with above the tools of three so-called medical experts who (knowing that the virus is non-organism) can also to arrogation the "virus" has14-days incubation period to coax public for new medical fraud again to play!

      就因人人不就活在種種細菌可飛奔之大氣中病毒”因此遍地有的是!細菌不入肺只入嘴、或拍拍手也有機會被拍死 必有不同病毒或一時死不了的細菌在口或在手便有均有弱阳性可驗早為人生常態不傷他人健康是否?

Because everyone lives in the atmosphere where all kinds of germs can fly, so the "viruses" are plenty everywhere! If the bacteria does not enter the lungs and only stay in the mouth, or clap your hands the germs may not have a chance to be killed, so there have different viruses or germs that cannot killed for a while inevitable, and necessarily have some positive of strong or weak can to check, but this early normality of life and not bring harm to health of another person!   Yes or not?


         Besides, the "in Saliva or nostril excrement those germs or virus" still the “ectoparasite” or things outside the body, then how can use to "confirmed diagnosis" tointernalthe morbidity?  This just is today’s international medical fraud and crazy to "virus" this dead still can spare from "person to person" and to propagate, in fact to infringe human rights the maximum evil at here!

也從 www.ycec.sg/HK/200128.pdf 可見,本於2020.1.28日去信港大校長指:

And from www.ycec.sg/HK/200128e.pdf can to seen, I had a letter to President of HKU to point

『早已全球尽知在 www.ycec.sg/HK/160519.pdf 本人给陳漢儀信中之小實驗本人早就已令以“病毒感染”為基礎、毫無科學根據且有害的“疫苗”無處藏身, 貴港大袁國勇梁卓偉等公眾衛生教授有否本事書面反駁嗎?』之醫學騙局焦点就在此!

    And already to know in worldwide at www.ycec.sg/HK/160519e.pdf that had to Dept. of Health CHAN Hon-yee  Director in letter has a small experiment, I am early to explain that already to for by “viral infection” to do basis but unscientific and harmful "vaccines" have nowhere to hide, but you HKU’s Yuen, KwokYung, Gabriel Leung etc. public hygiene professor have or not the abilities to retort in writing?that focus of medical fraud at here! 


That is in letter to pointthe “is it possible to reproduce virus gene in body” not only still to conclusion in Chinese or Western medical textbook, such a small experiment already to made the "virus" non-organisms clear and undeniable!

香港導演比武漢肺炎原發地之可疑病例還要多近倍 也在此信為笑話被揭後,造假的武漢瘟疫才開始在國內“狂發”之前後因由更在此信首頁中無疑無須重述

And self directed by HK Gov., then the suspected cases still nearly double of "Wuhan pneumonia primary ground" this joke was to unveil in this letter after, the Wuhan plague only to fraud "crazy erupt" that antecedent cause still at this first page of letter undoubtedly need not to repeat!

干戈未接禍連天劉伯溫碑記言的見證 !

Now the prediction by arms not take calamities big to skyof Beibowen Stele that witness!

也在此信中, 肺部氣流防疫法 為本人人必用5大發明也就此公告天下,只要一用,一輩子也不會再感冒發燒, 仼何由發燒引發的其他病變也將近零! 今所謂的武漢肺炎者要隔離、戴口罩洗手低IQ的防疫手段及WHO均可馬上滾蛋!

Also in this letter, “lung airflow Protection Law” for everyone must use of lzm’s fifth great invention also at here start to inform the world, if only to use, lifelong will not again to catch a cold fever and other pathological changes also nearly zero!  So today's so-called Wuhan pneumonia patients need to be isolated, wear masks, wash their hands these low IQ prevention measures and WHO can immediately get out!

及從 www.ycec.sg/HK/161007e.pdf or .com可見的“飽和鹽水”家用保健法同時應用, 所有的平均壽命到 130歲也易如反掌!

And from www.ycec.sg/HK/161007e.pdf or com visible "saturated brine" that home health way simultaneous application, all people in life expectancy to130years old is also easy


Therefore, any plague and "viral vaccine" that medical scams including this trash bin of WHO will be forever to hell!

袁國勇、許樹昌梁卓偉如此三大醫學怪獸並包括即如下鐘南山還不面紅而赤夠膽仍可将造假謊言 的非生物之“病毒”會人傳人且可潛伏14務必隔離特技騙局由此而來!

But by the  Yuan Guoyong, SC Hui and Gabriel Leung below "three medical experts" with CP China’s ZhongNanshan still can not to be red in the face to lie that "virus" of not an organism can to lurk 14days so must to separate this acrobatics fraud on the resulting!

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 1 /2002;

3. FAMV 16/2004;

4FAMV 10/2006;

5FAMV 19/2006;

6. LDBM-220-2005;

7. CACV-332-2006  Closed Case

Jiang ZeMins favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  


1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of  HK

4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

Police MainPage

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


4. The apart order simultaneously to endanger neighbor property!

5. Ird & Bochks face lose for

HKMA too at risk

Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1. HengChang Ltd. to prosecute

 Jiang Zemin on 2007year!

2.Administer of Heng Chang Ltd to resist an official’s extort become a ruination on 1996year.

3.The sinister means by Shan Tou Jao Customs of ShenZhen City!  

4.Company of ShenZhen Gov., to hands-on loot begin 1998year!

5.Judge of DongGuan City Gov., to arrange loot begin 1999year!

6.Police, Procuratorate & Court of ShenZhen City unexpectedly to variety an rob accomplice?!
7.Jiang Zemin not thanks Lzm’s medicine invention to save SARS a national calamity in China, and why could be order to murder inventor?!



This is human natureinherent quality already to lost medical monster'sMagic to pay by dynastic subjugated corps, arms not take calamities big to skyearly as Tui Bei Tuthe evil shape to prediction the history witnes!


Yuan Guoyong, SC Hui, Chan Ka-leung and Gabriel Leung those "five medical monster"

to include  CP China’s ZhongNanshan Below





And, if have other pathological changes who to died, in addition with CP China have special relation as the Korea , Iran , France or Italy other Country, the China & HK's medical are also to order follow up to incite above use  the magic trick of "confirmed diagnosis"

如不知騙局奧妙的各國醫學人或也可從剛死的屍體之口液鼻孔挖屎”再用由港大醫學院贈送的測試盒”測試必有病毒可見, 然後再狂叫也有新冠狀病毒”死者案例之國際笑話也就由此而來!

If do not know this scam the secret those countries medicine person or also maybe to at just to die the "oral fluid or nostril to digging feces" of corpse again use by HKU’s college of medicine to present test boxto testing so must have the virus to shown, and again to howl too have the die case by  "new coronavirus" again to report that international joke so as this scam to come

因必有不同細菌均可帶來新病毒可驗, 也會驚乎有新冠病毒肺炎而死哦,中港媒體馬上回報並廣泛報導支持其如上的醫學哄騙術

It is because there must have different germs bring new virus may  test and again to arrogation ill die by "new coronavirus", and after, those China & HK's medical at once to report back again by news to support above the medical coax for all citizen of China with HK


To see, so many countries even have, and we had not to fraud!  


It is because my invention of "washing-lung" has made the "virus vaccine" bankruptcy and can no longer be used as a tool for stupid people, but as shown above the picture of Yuan Guoyong with above medicine monster who still wants continue to coax all people to vaccinate eyeless to fealty today the new crown virus dynasty, who yes or not the historical sinner with enemy of the State that still more should be discussed collectively!

特別是如 www.ycec.sg/HK/200305.pdf 本人於2020.3.05去信張建宗政務司長也告知, 人人必用但简昜的肺部氣流防疫法 本不該還要本人發明為本第5大發明之也已傳真給共175國家駐北京、台灣大使及在港的各領事館, 如其一在 www.ycec.sg/911/200302-va.pdf 可見也幾乎全球盡知吧,是否 ?

In particular, as  at www.ycec.sg/HK/200305e.pdf can be seen, I had a letter to Mr. Cheung Kin-chung of Chief Secretary for Administration of HK on March 5, 2020, and to inform anyone must to use but simple “lung airflow epidemic control law" that should not have been invented by me for my fifth big invention also faxed to total of 175 countries in China, Taiwan embassy and consulates in HK the one of at www.ycec.sg/911/200302-va.pdf can to see that will be to know almost the world, yes or not?!


Unfortunately, the so-called Wuhan pneumonia in HK’s creates fraud to “go crazy” still do not know when to stop?


And the Chinese in all countries have been to scolded and humiliated "Yellow calamity" again to come!  But it should be to scold properly  and correctly  the "New Crown Virus Dynasty"! 


The college of medicine of CUHK that new rubbish acrobatics to test by feces & urine of people!


   Right picture is the SC Hui  and CUHK’s dean of college of medicine Chan Ka-leung why dare to show who’s latest test that rubbish acrobatics by feces & urine of people at HKTV on March 18, 2020?


  These two great medical monsters refer to


   Then to screening those not morbidity but have virus of "hidden patients" still can to quarantine then wake on early morning that time at once to scrape out the saliva to test, and still can to test the feces and urine, so must have virus to verifiable!

   由上圖片可見還:鼻咽90%,痰液41%,大便有59% 及尿液也有48% 必有新冠病毒可驗性!

       On above the pictures still can to seen the verifiabilitynasopharyngeal had 90%, sputum had 41%, the stool had 59% and urine had 48% that must have the new Corona-Virus can to test out!

   首先,不論是口液,鼻咽”體外之物豈可當體內病態之見證?  也就如此怪獸雜技被本人揭穿當了笑話後, 如上的醫學怪獸 才另想出屎橋”,即以為拿屎尿出來撒就可哄騙公眾,有用嗎?簡直蠢到加零一

First, whether is the “saliva or nasopharyn” that all things outside the body why can be use to witness sickness in the body?  So in this way the monster circus to expose by me a joke after, above the medical monster only must to excogitate other a "feces bridge" or "rubbish acrobatics", who to assume by this means just can continue to deceive the public, useful? It at all stupid to cling at land as just to eat excrement of wild dog!

    其二,大便尿液雖由體內排出,如農村狗最喜歡搶吃小孩蹲地拉出來的但空氣中細菌多多如是,必有癖好細菌聞味馬上群追而來並繁殖其中,因此必有死物病毒及繁殖中尚有動態胎胞可供剪圖 立假証核酸可測其基因排序再揚言陽性確珍, 胎胞已死則為陰性,而人體的DNA之變異測試不也同樣由此核酸而來!難道就可直指這新冠病毒來自體內之『隱形患者』

     Second, although stool and urine to discharged from the body, as a rural dog most likes to rush to eat children squatting out of the feces, but in air a lot of the germs that must have the hobby as rural dog those germs to by taste at once chase came to and breeding wherein, so there must have still dead viruses and propagation of dynamic fetus can for clippings to stand a fake evidence and by "nucleic acid" to show the gene sort after to confirmed diagnosis a positive infect, if the fetus to die just for negative, and as to test DNA of human body that variation gene also same to test by "nucleic acid" to come!  Could it be pointed out that the new Corona-virus came from body as an "invisible patient"?

      其三,喜歡搶吃屎農村狗怎麼不為『隱形患者』?又如上的袁國勇怪獸怎麼不知只要人人一動口必有細菌入嘴並可吞食入肚也人人可為『隱形患者』? 就因細菌入肚缺氧必死病毒也多多如是但無害健康, 如上早就反駁不了“病毒”是否非生物體醫學怪獸還可不知羞恥地上TV哄騙市民說:『口中隨時有1病毒珠且可由飛沬傳播他人因此要口罩!』,但就因人體肝 脏有的是常規解毒功能,而就因飛沬小水珠只會只近處一漂即下地,如萬一有入口,就算1病毒珠吞入肚只不夠一粒沙土而已, 如上醫學怪獸詐傻的蓄意性犯罪已難逃脫!

 Third, why like grab shit as rural dog how not to become "invisible patient"?  And as above the medical monster how do not know if everyone if then to open the mouth must have bacteria into or to swallow the belly, is it everyone can to confirmed diagnosis become a"hidden patients"?  On account of the bacteria into the belly so hypoxia to die and the virus also a lot of the case but harmless to health for a normality, above Yuan Guoyong monster who long ago can not to retort the "virus" is a non-organisms but still shameless at TV deceive the public to said:the mouth at any time will have one hundred millionvirus beads” and maybe by flying particles of the saliva” to infection another person so must to wear mask!!  But because the human liver has routines detoxification function, and because the flying saliva are same small water drop, it will only drift off near the ground, if by any chance into the mouth, even if 100 million virus beads then swallow the belly, it mere for a grain of sand only, so above the medical monster who feint a silly by oneself that purposely crime already  difficult to get away!

   其四,而如上鼻咽即由鼻孔挖屎供测验更荒诞无稽, 就因呼吸多由鼻孔而入, 鼻孔有毛且有这正是上天造物给予人类長存不让细菌少入肺繁殖的首道防线, 细菌病毒更为常态!如上醫學怪獸的低IQ垃圾雜技手段進一步在此可見!

     Fourth, and as above the nasopharyngeal, that is from the nostril to dig excrement for testing more absurd, because breathe more by nostril into, the nostril have hair with mucus that is the God of creation to give mankind to live forever to prevent the germs less into the lung to breeding the first line of defense, so to stick the germs with virus still are the normality!  Therefore, this rubbish acrobatics trick of low IQ by above the medical monster are further visible at here!

   其五,更要指出的是,就因香港自2020.1.23日不也才有首宗確診個案, 口液,鼻咽”體外之物之受責後及受非法隔離令也該懂得吞下口液並事先挖空鼻屎再讓衛生部門取測驗才可逃過非法侵權的隔離令! 但上述這班醫學怪獸又再出動另一屎橋始於2020.2.18日由醫管局發出指令由入境者或本地居民均安要喉嚨發聲音清出唾液收集深喉樣本,及10天後更擴至未成年人 更不僅如此,2020.3.16前後還如此垃圾測驗方法更新到希特勒手段,即將強行扣押的隔離者看守等候睡醒後再馬上刮取其必有的臭口液測驗之惡作劇,也見另有報導!  

     Fifth, still must to point out is, on account of HK since Jan. 23, 2020 only has a head case of confirmed diagnosis, and by saliva or booger” that all things outside the body already to blame by me after, and some to quarantine persons should be know how to swallow saliva and hollowed out their booger again let the health sector to scrape to testing only can to run away the illicit to tort the isolation order!  But above this group of medical monster again to turn other a rubbish-means since Feb., 18, 2020 to order by Hospital Authority of HK, so all immigrator or local resident must by throat the deep vigorously to cough up to collect a deep throat sample, and ten days after still extended to minors, but not only that, this quarantine test trick still update for a Hitler means, accordingly let force detain the quarantine persons to watch wait for deeply asleep then awake again at once to scrape who’s have to the smelly saliva to test, so this prank can to seen the report about on Mar., 16, 2020!


      It can be seen from the above, how to confirm the diagnosis?   There are many case reports everyday in the medical monster pointing behind the scenes of the health department! That is, any pointed person cannot escape this ghost gate.  It is even more difficult!    It is a replica of Contemporary Hitler the historical witness of the arrest warrant!

       更想不到的是所有70個立法會議員均收到本於2020.1.15給他們的去信,必已深知2016《旺角暴動案》及2019《反蒙面法》帶給全港亂局的禍根何在, 更也深知無一漏洞本報案, 如再不為公眾打開洗肺冷凍兩大救生醫療法港府已無空間再借武漢肺炎假新聞撒嘴皮耍賴也不見有議員動怒!

      It is more unexpected is that all 70 Legislative Council members have received this on 2020.1.15 day to their letter, who must have been well aware the "MongKok riots case" of 2016 and "anti-masked law" of 2019year to bring chaos in HK the bane where, and still more to well aware in that have not any loophole in my a report to police, if again not to open

the "Washing Lung" and "Freezing" two lifesaving medical treatment, the HK Gov., already have not any space to borrow "Wuhan pneumonia" false news to be deliberately dishonest,  but still not find have anyone of lawmakers can to rage for citizen with justice!

     特別是2020.1.28日 當本港大校長,2020.3.05去信張建宗政務司長均也傳真給70個立法會議員!   其中, 違規造假廣泛侵犯人權的隔離令不就來自他們之手才可出臺也不自我檢討? 另, 人人必用就可令人終身遠離流感瘟疫戚發燒更可不必口罩被愚弄的肺部氣流防疫法也不向市民廣泛宣傳?

    In particular then I had a letter to president of HKU on Jan., 28, 2020 and letter to Cheung Kin-chung of Chief Secretary for Administration on March 05, 2020 those two letters same attachment fax to 70 LegCo Members!   In which, irregularities to fraud and infringe upon human rights that "isolation order" does not come from their hands nor self-criticism by them? Another, everyone will must to use that just need not to wear mask to be as a fooled and just lifelong to be distant from influenza plague not fever again that very simple Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" is still not widely publicized to the public?

           特別是如右圖的醫學界陳沛然, 公民黨郭家麒及民建聯葛珮帆這三大議員競還真會於2020.3.20日與食衛局長陳肇始在立法會表演推廣如上醫學怪獸荒謬無度的病毒測試垃圾手段?

In particular as above right pictures, the medicine scope Pierre Chan, KWOK Ka-ki and DAB clique’s Elizabeth Quat those three LegCo Members unexpectedly still can cooperate act to popularize above medical monster ridiculous excessive "Virus testing" of garbage means with Director Chan Siu-chee of the Food and Health Bureau in LegCo on March 20, 2020

   由於不見如上議員至今仍無所作為,肺部氣流防疫法”如此簡單還要本人發明並推廣確也沉悶異常, 因此於2020.3.17-21日去電如上70議員辦事處均由其助手接聽,本人首先必問有冇戴口罩出街?但幾乎全答有,政府講要防疫嗎! 本人再問:你哋議員有冇去讀本人的傳真信件?可能冇呱,如果晤係,肺部氣流防疫法”咁簡單冇可能蠢到咁都唔識教你哋? 唯有陳沛然助手即笑戴口罩防飛液嗎後立即收線!這醫學界議員顯然與眾不同!

      Because none of the above mentioned LegCo members up to now has shown any achievement, that simple “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" still have inventor me to popularize it certainly dull abnormal too, so I at once to call above office of 70 LegCo Members and receiving the phone all by their assistant on March 17-21day of 2020.  First of all, I must ask them yes or not to wear a mask out of the street?  But almost respond for me“We have, Gov. say it is necessary to prevent epidemic?...”, after I again to ask“…your MP have or not to read my fax letter? Maybe no yet, if not, because the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" was very simple, who not possible be a stupid still don't know how to teach you?”, but only the medicine scope Pierre Chan members his assistant to laugh at“to wear a mask not just can to against the flying saliva?” after at once to cut off!  This member of the medical profession is obviously out of the ordinary!


      As above this class medical monster illegal to tort’s isolation-order and how to "confirmed diagnosis" this junk means  the earliest by Yuen Kwok-yung of HKU on Jan., 16, 2020 visible reports etc. fact exhaust in above to president of HKU with to CS Cheung Kin-chung two letters already clear undoubtedly for 70 LegCo Members, but they still don’t see what they do !


   However the HK media especially wireless TV to be fully aware why must to use lame arguments to publicize to fool those wear mask and wash your hands that low IQ trick let all people of HK in a clutter?

      但如右圖, 造假武漢新冠病毒顛倒醫學倫理垃圾的確診手段也把不知情的31國駐北京大使拉出在鳳凰TV2020.2.21日表演以利哄騙讓公眾信以為真!

      However, as shown on the right, to diagnosis of Wuhan New Crown Virus by reverse medical ethical this rubbish method actually could be pull out unknowing those thirty-one countries of Beijing ambassador to act only benefit to cheat public further believe it to shown at Phoenix TV on February 21, 2020!

     因此,由本頁底部可見,始第二天,約有175個國家駐北京、台灣大使及在港的各領事館均有傳真記錄可見證已收閱本吿知真相信件,也已全知 肺部氣流防疫法從何而來!如再隱瞞有用嗎

     Therefore, as can be seen from the bottom of this page, to start of next day,  about  175ambassadors in Beijing, Taiwan and the consulates in HK have fax records

 to testify who had to read the truth letter, so already to omniscience the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" come from where!  If still want to conceal it again is that useful?


By “HK specialty” that "confirmed diagnosis" rubbish means to be

fooled of worldwide countries start here!

      右圖可見,特別當 現仼WHO總幹事譚德塞陳馮富珍驚人親密照由阿波羅新聞於2020.3.08故意曝光後, 已等不及的習近平首訪武漢只好於2020.3.10宣佈中國的疫區已成過去!

       From the right picture visible, now WHO Director Tedros Adhanom with ex-WHO Director Margaret Chan that an amazing intimate photo from Aboluow news to on purpose exposure on March 8, 2020 with CP China to donate USD$20 million for WHO after, but can not wait to first visit Wuhan city the Xí Jìnpíng only to announced China's epidemic is over and at once to remove the mobile cabin hospitals to witness!


      But less than 3hours after, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom who to fully aware the

Wuhan pneumonia forges but only compelled to kneel down announce Wuhan epidemic will pandemic worldwide!

       此后,由港大醫學院開發的檢測新型冠狀病毒快速測試,已發放到全球超過40個國家的公共衞實驗室並也成功使用找出當地的確診患者, 也由2020.3.11日有見其報導!

        Since then, the college of medicine of HKU at once to bulletin it was develop by them the instant test-kit of "new corona virus" already provide more than 40 countries those public health laboratories and have successfully used to identify local diagnosed patients, so this report on March 11, 2020 can to seen!

      由於WHO 宣佈全球大流行, 如果民主國家的執政黨還不詐傻應用必被反對黨攻擊難防如上港產確診垃圾手段也成為各國政客內鬥及謀殺工具 今天的造假的武漢「新冠肺炎」已禍及全球就由此而來!

      Because the WHO already declared a global pandemic, if the ruling party in a democratic country still does not feint a fool to use it will be difficult to prevent the attacked by the opposition party, therefore, above yield of HK the rubbish means of "confirmed diagnosis" too become a tool of internal fighting and murderous intend for politicians in all countries around the globe!   So today's fake Wuhan "new corona pneumonia" already disasters for worldwide from here!  

      更由於各國政府的 FDA CDC 背後均有一勢力強大的疫苗藥物財團, 他们十分清楚,讓醫院公開本人發明的 洗肺及對癌症病人特別有效的冷凍醫療法,特別是“飽和鹽水”及“肺部氣流防疫法”两大家用保健法也讓各國人民盡知後,如此醫學財團大多會破產以及醫院診所將不見2/3!

       It is also because there is a powerful vaccine and drug consortium behind the FDACDC of various Countries and them was very clear, if the hospital is to make public open use lzm’s invention of that “wash-lung” with particularly effective for cancer patients that the  “freezing” treatment, especially the "saturated saline" and “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" that other my two big invention use in home of health law to know people of all countries after, by virus vaccines to scams money those medical consortia who will be majority to bankruptcy, the same, hospitals with clinics will not see 2/3!  

       如有大量药品疫苗出口的美國,英國,德國, 法國, 意大利及西利牙的醫學財團勢力特別強大足以左右政局,更与如上的醫學怪獸本港政界受益者中國政府特別容昜溝通隨時有錢財可收!  也2003.3.10的全球借港特產之造假新冠病毒確診要隔离要封城的國家已多不胜数!

   Such as had large number of medicines and vaccines to export as the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. These countries had  their medical  consortium of forces particularly powerful and enough about political situation, still easy pass through above the medical monster and Gov., circles of HK those beneficiary to connect with CP China at any time have the money to be received!  So since from March 10, 2020 after, to pretext or to be deceived by outstanding fraud the new crown virus confirmed of “HK specialty” that "confirmed diagnosis" junk means must to close off still essential shut city wall that to be fooled of country already innumerable!

      更就因明知口液深喉液鼻屎均為體外之物,就算非醫學專業人員不也一看即懂,又豈可颠倒醫學倫理用於確診體內病態 簡直是不學無術及已瘋狂到人人不可容忍極點!

   Even more to be fully aware that “oral fluid” or “deep throatand “booger” are all out of body things, even if non-medical professionals not also to a glimpse understood Why can by this reverse the medical ethical reason to "confirmed diagnosis" morbidity in body That ignorant and already to lunatic at anyone can not to endure acme!

    體外之物在人类生存空间中之细菌病毒多多如是,生吃三文魚者不也人数不少,三文魚生物毒素寄生蟲以及致病細菌也有的是眾人該知,如吃入肚不超肝脏解毒功能粪便屎尿而出, 因此必有陰陽性生物胎胞可驗, 但不也仍為人生常態

    That because out of body things at mankind to live space the germs virus so much, as to eat raw salmon those number of people not yet a lot, but in salmon of biological toxins, parasites and disease-causing germs that not too know for everyone?    Not just because if to eat in belly and if does not exceed the liver detoxification function again with feces-urine to out, so it must have some negative or positive organism-embryo can to check, but it is still a life normality!

但如上香港的醫學怪獸還可再将“確診”手段指向屎尿醜態盡出?而林鄭特首又老是敬稱專家不停口,也不見有媒體或立法會議員均冇膽提出質疑? 難道這正是今天香港社會或一國兩制最大悲哀、顯然盡在新冠病毒王朝腳下只會下跪不起的歷史見證?!

But why above the medical monster of HK also can again change the "confirmed diagnosis" point to the shit-urine ugly run outAnd then the EC of HK still always to honorific specialist not to stop, also not find have one mass media or LegCo members even no guts to query?  Is it today’s HK society or one country two systems the maximum sadden that obvious already to kneel not stand up at underfoot of New crown virus dynasty the history witness?!  


    And why, like the 70 legislators, etc., who still can let above medical monsters and the health department continue to harm HK's economy?  So-called Wuhan pneumonia in HK fraud "go crazy" but to diagnosis of numeral was very limited, but that only aims for by “quarantine order” of violation tort it can use to murder Lzm, why

就因在當年偷用林哲民的洗肺醫療法發明才可解除 03 年的非典災難, 並包括對癌症病人唯一有效全無副作用的冷凍醫療法也非隱瞞不可的前後因由也在於2020.1.28去信港大校長中清楚無疑且已全球尽知!但這班隱瞞的權力兇犯只會在新冠病毒王朝面前長跪不懂收手?!

   That just because who must to steal use Lzm’s invention of “washing lung” treatment only can to lift the SARS disaster of 2003year, and include only one valid and not any side effect for cancer patient that “freezing” treatment have to hide those before and after cause too clear undoubtedly in Lzm a letter to president of HKU on Jan., 28, 2020 and before already to know worldwide, but those conceal power criminal only can to kneel for New crown virus dynasty still do not know close hand ?


    From the right picture visible, then WHO Director Tedros Adhanom was kneel down to announced the 2019-nCov pandemic of worldwide next day, again dense to puff up Jin Yong's special series from Phoenix TV highlight on March 11, 2020, why?

   早在2003年非典惡犯中港兩地之時,如非應用洗肺醫療法是不會解除此國難, 特別對癌症有效全無負作用冷凍醫療法的成功應用也由港媒報導但就因此兩大本醫學發明若公開應用,那麼, 病毒疫苗為愚民工具的中國病毒王朝之三個代表將一無用處,因此務必全面隱瞞且要事先堵住全港傳媒嘴巴才可!

       As early at 2003year, back then the SARS to villain in HK and China two places climax time, if not use the “washing lung” treatment the SARS national calamity will not to lift, but not to open for media, however above “freezing” treatment to successful treatment but to forget hold back by the authorities so at once to reported by the HK media and to be on record, that just because if this two treatment open use, then by virus vaccine for stupid-tool that “Three Represents of CP China will to be worthless, therefore, if must to fully conceal in advance to block the HK media mouth only safe !


       However the Jin Yong is Chief person of HK media must coax first, because Phoenix TV just the force down throat of CP China virus dynasty, if never again same the same year to stifle all HK media must to close mouth, today fraud worldwide the "confirmed diagnosis" rubbish means of COVID-19 or new crown virus still not too easy by one report just can exposure! 


Therefore, based on above by Phoenix TV at once to replay before special puff up series and again to add some new newscaster to heighten coax vigor the frame began in here, but, how to coax other media as Mingpao, Oriental and Apple etc. daily medium those has still wait for observed!


       Especially in the letter to Director Zhang Jianzong that still clear to point out:

       特別只為壓制及哄騙本港媒體務必繼續要效忠新冠病毒王朝才有病毒疫苗可用切莫揭穿如上顛倒醫學論理的“確診”手段才可繼續哄騙市民, 如當年只為隱瞞冇本事發明的醫學怪獸只會偷用本洗肺醫療法發明才可解救03SARS的港難國難…, 其後更威迫董健華撤回本專利否則非辭職不可的全港媒體起哄歷史見證仍在 www.ycec.sg/advice/teror-to-resign.htm 可一目了然,如今再次以吹捧金庸輯從鳳凰TV更於2020.3.11日突顯,怪不得還可更長命的金庸在死前就以自已非大俠沉鬱自責諒也必由此而來吧! 也該是港媒體自我檢討的時候到了吧

     In particular only for suppress and deceive the local medium can not to expose above "confirmed diagnosis" means of completely upside down medical logic for public and continue to be loyal the new crown virus dynasty only has the vaccine virus available and only can continue to deceive the public, such as the same year only for conceal and not ability to invention those medical monster only to steal use the “wash-lung” treatment of my invention only can to save the SARS calamity of HK & China on 2003year…, followed by more coercion ex-EC Tung Chee-hwa to withdraw give me the patent or non-resignation witness the history is by all HK medium to booing still can to be clear at www.ycec.sg/advice/teror-to-resign.htm , today, to cheat medium means the one of as again to adulation medium notable the album of Zha Liangyong again highlight at Phoenix TV on March 18, 2020, no wonder can be more long-lived Zha Liangyong prior to his death had to depressed self-blame who no a heroes also by this come on!  So all medium of HK must to self-examination at this time already to come yet!

  也另見特首辦新聞主任譚啟耀從香港將軍澳一高樓跳下, 墮亡。據報, 32歲的譚啟耀330日剛辭職, 並支付代通知金賠錢走人

         Too see other new, the Tan Qiyao, Chief Information Officer from a tall building of Tseung Kwan O of HK to jump off die, and reported who only 32 year old just to resigned by to pay notice money at once “lose money and leave"!

     明显的,如此憤而支付代通知金的年青人肯定不會4情緒低落而自殺, 必然是知內情太多被人敲門入屋推出窗台謀殺已值得港媒跟進! 就因如 www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm  主頁中於2019.11.19日吿知中聯辦王志民主仼其澳中聯辦主任鄭曉松為何會於2018.10.20日無辜墜樓身亡的因由後發怒的王志民主仼也要被辭職!

       Obviously, by such means to pay money in lieu of notice anger of young people that absolutely will not "depression" to suicide on four days after, it is necessarily know the inside story so inevitable have an acquaintance to knock at the door again into after fling out the windowsill to murder, so already to merit follow up by HK medium That account to at home page of www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm on the Nov., 19, 2019 to shown that had a letter to inform the Wang Zhimin master of LOCPG his mate Zheng Xiaosong master of Macao why on Oct., 20, 2018 innocent fell off the building to die?  And then Wang Zhimin master was to clear the murder reason so angry to look into after to dismiss too! 


  Also that is theMagic to delusion by virus dynastic subjugated corps, arms not take calamities big to skyfor further witness!


Wear mask evil health and epidemic prevention was very Ltd.

   由於如上造假的“確診”手段已不可否認, 但仍進一步為林鄭特首確認,也明知戴口罩有害健康仍非强市民必用不可,否則这埸幻弄全球禍害生命的遊戲將無法執行及無成果白費心機!

      Because above fraud "confirmed diagnosis" rubbish means already undeniable, but still to affirm for EC CarrieLam, and to be fully aware the wear mask harmful health still force citizen have to wear can’t, if not, this delusion worldwide to wreck life the games it will unable to carry and nil fruitful results to scheme in vain!


Especially now, Ministry of Public Health of HK still far away include un-fever not morbidity not let go, because by parasite it necessarily have person to "confirmed diagnosis" and after must to wear mask to quarantine!

   也就因戴口罩有害健康防疫力有限,這主題從又去信張建宗政務司長在 英文 或雙語htm 中进一步清楚無疑

Also because to wear mask is harmful to health and has limited epidemic prevention, this subject in  English or bilingual htm that again to CSO Cheung Kin-chung that letter clearly on March 30, 2020!

但由下图可見, 自知無法否認的袁國勇怪獸April 04, 2020首先借媒體恐嚇政府官員:不見棺材不流淚”, 即威脅不聽話討論口罩有害健康”的官員隨時也會將他們確診隔離再謀殺!

But seen from below a picture, self-knowledge can not to deny of the monster Yuan Guoyong first on April 04, 2020 by medium to threaten HK Gov., official“…No to see their coffin not to weep!, then threaten those disobedient to discuss “the masks evil healthof those official who will at once to "confirmed diagnosis" quarantine and after murder!


    The medical monster Yuan Guoyong have not the abilities to deny the masks is harmful to health!

     由右图可見, 却又再April 11, 2020TV上胡扯新冠病毒繁殖量較沙士高三倍以上,並發現新冠病毒會產生蛋白,減少激活人體內的干擾素,令患者不會出現炎症,引證不少確診者徵狀輕微,甚至出現隱形病人。

As seen from the right picture, but this monster again on April 11, 2020 at TV to blabber the fertility of new crown virus have triple upward compare for SARS, and to discover new crown virus will produce proteins to reduce activation interferon in the human body, so the patients will not appear inflammation still can to quote some of diagnosed the morbidity trifling, and even appear the stealth patient!


 It is because the virus is not microorganisms and only by germs into the lungs

 to breed come this fact already on Jan., 28, 2020 by a letter to president of HKU in that a small experiment but Yuan Guoyong was to scolded by me but who still have not abilities retort already not equal to as an ugly duckling!

   更因细菌入肺繁殖而来非病毒的雜質也多多如是, 也可為血液中蛋白胶體包裹以利过滤,也如有不利健康雜物入喉深喉粘液必然圍之化痰均同樣為體能常態!

More due to the germs into lungs propagation to come those non-viral impurities are a lot of too, also it can by protein colloid of lifeblood to bind up to facilitate filter by liver with kidney, such as if there is unhealthy health debris into, the deep throat mucus be bound to surround reduce phlegm that physical normal to know for everyone?!

 袁國勇进一步在April 11, 2020胡扯,本港使用的「雞尾酒療法」,除了蛋白酶抑制劑及利巴偉林外,亦加入干擾素,令患者產生抗體去對抗病毒,及胡扯如開始不戴口罩, 第二波的武汉新冠肺炎重来!

The ugly duckling of Yuan Guoyong further to blabber, now HK to use the “cocktail therapy”, in addition to protease inhibitors and Ribavirin also to join interferon to produce antibodies of patients to resist virus, and again to drivel if everyone started not to wear masks, the second wave of new crown virus will again!

胡扯病毒有14天潛伏期的鍾南山也在2天後的April 13, 2020配合:多地仍爆發未到時候摘口罩, 真正終結疫情疫苗挺重要!

And to blabber the virus have 14days latent phase the Zhong Nanshan of China medical monster after two days on April 13, 2020 to harmony withmany place still flare up so not the time to remove the mask, if the epidemic true to end the vaccine was very momentous!!


Above this two medical monster assume if who to come out to blabber that just can to deny above lzm before 10 days to CSO Cheung Kin-chung in letter that fact ofWear mask evil health and epidemic prevention very Ltd.!

難怪袁國勇March 18, 2020報突然漏了嘴指:武漢新冠狀病毒為中國人劣質文化的產物,中國人陋習劣根才是病毒之源! , 即擊中中國病毒王朝咽喉才是正確無誤,而今天的事實正如此!

It no wonder, the ugly duckling of Yuan Guoyong abruptly to leaked on March 18, 2020 to point out:『the "Wuhan new corona virus" just is the product of Chinese bastard-culture, the Chinese bad habits and one's worse self only is the fountainhead of virus!』, so to make a hit the gullet of CPC virus dynasty only correct not an error,   now, today’s fact just is this!

這兩大醫學怪獸正是中國人陋習劣根的代表, 中計上當的全球COVID-19死亡人數多倍於中國也就在此!

Above this two medical monster just is in the name of Chinese bastard-culture, so to fall for of worldwide that death toll many multiple for CP China at here too


   That is the medical monster who still vain hope how to order non-morbid must illegally tort to isolation that compare Hitler’s murder arrested still vicious means, but at all worthless to refute!  


To fall for trap, worldwide death toll is multiple of the cases in CP China at here too


    Firstly, to use supply by college of medicine of HKU or CUHK that test-kit of "new corona virus", because completely upside down medical logic by ectoparasite that have some person to "confirmed diagnosis" necessarily

其二,如果隔離務必14天那就更加荒谬绝伦,就因COVID-19的細菌或還亂称為病毒都好均為微生物, 就因其並翅膀只靠空氣傳染,因其生存時間也要以空氣中的潮濕度為基礎大多不超過10分鐘,如春天的濕度大容昜流行感冒也基於此,尽管德國聯邦風險評估研究所(BfR)也公佈在"严重污染"的情况下,新冠病毒的傳染性在空气中才可保持3小時,由此可見,隔離務必14天正是另有目的當今最大醫學騙局也由此可見!

Secondly,  if the quarantine must 14days that still more absurd, because the COVID-19 germs or still indiscriminate a virus all good even a microbe of nil wing and only can by air to infection, that live time must by air humidity for a base and majority no to exceed ten minute, as spring’s humidity big so to infect the flu easy, though the institute BfR of Germany Gov., to notify the new crown virus of COVID-19 to exist at “acute taint” of the infectious only can to keep 3hours, so by this to see, that to quarantine must 14days just is another purpose today maximum medicine fraud!


   Thirdly, because mask will to make the non-morbid person to breathe out those germs again enter lung to breed lead fever; if in this time again to give sick isolate who to eat the antiviral drug as Remdesivir only can impermanent to keep posture and helpless reduce those enter lung germs because the make, so the quarantine person at any time may be to trigger other pathological changes to die!  Therefore, no wonder the Italy, Spain, France, Britain or today’s USA to "confirmed diagnosis" must to quarantine after the death toll early exceed several tens thousands!


Above by upside down of "confirmed diagnosis" trick to quarantine after, the mask with antipyretic at once mutation two murder tool at this point already can’t to denial!

且全球報導於April 15, 2020指,被“確診隔离已有146,871死亡人數, 收取行賄再配合造假的國家政府理當首先起訴香港這班港大、中大及理大醫學院的如上醫學怪獸謀殺公眾在香港高院或國际法庭 

      And in mentioned in the worldwide report on April 15, 2020 to indicate, by above "confirmed diagnosis" quarantine those death tolls already have 146,871 people!  If not to collect bribe but still to tie in of Country Gov., who must for a start to indictment above medicine monster of college of medicine of HKU, CUHK or PolyU etc. the murder in HK High Count or International Tribunal!



To fall for the medical coaxing of HK with CPC those victims of countries witnessed at here!


First can to see a report on Feb., 4, 2020, the FDA of USA already to approve the test-kit of supply from CP China it can to use for the US CDC, so today the New Crown Virus or COVID-19 to disasters U.S. began here!   

而有關在2020.2.11日的另一報導指, 快速檢測 新型冠狀病毒 由粵港資公司凱普生物科技集團研發出核酸檢測試劑盒,稱能快速及準確地檢出新型冠狀病毒,在廣東省疫控中心作官方檢測,符合率達100%,而在香港和廣東省多間大學和醫院研究所的近千例試驗,符合率均接近100%

However, on Feb., 11, 2020 other a report to see, above the fast test-kit of New Crown Virus it was to research and development by Hybribio company of China, and already test and verify the coincidence rate of 100% by GuangDong CDC, and the same it had near thousand to test by HK with GuangDong Province many university and graduate school of hospital, the compliance rate close to 100% too!  


As seen from a report dated on Feb., 11, 2020, the PolyU of HK in press conference to announce by whom success to development that fast test-kit just can to detected more than 30 kind viruses of new coronary pneumonia in one hour.    

即成功研發全自動快速多重診斷系統,系統由全自動快速檢測儀和多重微流檢測元件組成。系統利用聚合酶鏈反應技術,從核酸提取、擴增、檢測到分析均為全自動, 研究人員即場示範從懷疑患者鼻咽中提取樣本,再將樣本放入微流體試劑盒,並置於檢測儀中,等候約一小時後,電腦便可生成報告。

That is, success to development by a fully automated rapid multiple diagnosis system, which consists of a fully automatic rapid detector and multiple micro fluidic detection elements.  The system uses polymerase chain reaction technology to fully automate by nucleic acid extraction, amplification, detection and analysis. The researchers demonstrated on-site the extraction of samples from the nasopharynx of suspected patients, and then placed the samples in the micro fluidic kit and placed in the detector, after waiting for about an hour; the computer can generate a report.

但由2020.2.11報導指, 中國改變診斷方式後確診病例暴增,DNA測試新冠可能的漏洞!

However, according to the report on April 21, 2020, because in China to changed dramatically, so the number of confirmed cases surge, and the DNA test could have a new loophole!


So since March 31, 2020, the diagnosis method will be changed as follows:

1.  確診新冠病毒感染的主要依據是透過核酸檢測,也就是通過咽拭子,從咽部抽取分泌物作病毒核酸檢測!

The main basis for the diagnosis of new corona virus infection is through nucleic acid to detection, which is by a pharyngeal swab at the pharynx to extracted part of the secretion again to text for viral nucleic acid!

2. 新型病毒快速測試「新型冠狀病毒測試COVID-19, 只需要1滴血,可以不出家門,於15分鐘內驗出感染結果,

   比目前  通用的傳統檢測技術聚合酶連鎖反應儀(PCR)所需數小時大幅縮短。

The new virus rapid test "new corona virus test of COVID-19", only need one drop of blood that just can to check the infection result within 15 minutes without leaving home, and compared with the current conventional detection technology to by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that required must some hour is greatly shortened. 

港大醫學院也在2020.3.11此時公開聲稱由其開發的檢測新型冠狀病毒COVID-19,俗稱武漢肺炎)快速測試,2小時就可知結果!已發放到全球超過40個國家的公共衞生實驗室,部分國家成功使用有關測試,找出當地的確診患者, 讓他們可以及早識別新型冠狀病毒的確診患者,為應付疫症作出準備。

The Medical College of HKU too same on March 11, 2020 this time to public by their New virus rapid test "new corona virus test or COVID-19" the results will be known within 2 hours!  And to profess already to provide to the world more than 40 countries Public Health Laboratory, and successfully used in some countries about the fast test-kit to find out identify local diagnosed patients, so that only can let them at an early date to discriminate diagnose patients of novel corona virus, to prepare to cope with the epidemic.

另家用快速測試套裝賣680元 聲稱15 分鐘有結果也見出臺,只是另有專家提醒染病首7天準確率較低為此怪招被責留下可辯退路!

Another in home the test-kit was to sells for HKD$680 and assert the text result only 15 minutes, but also other "experts” to remind the head 7days of infection that accuracy rate is low to assume by this strange move that just responsible!


Therefore, the People's Daily to report up to March 21, 2020, in addition to mainland China, the world counted eight countries confirmed cases broken one thousand, in order is the Italian( 17,660 cases, 1,266 people died), Iran (11,364 cases, 514 deaths), South Korea(8,086 cases, 72 deaths), Spain(5,232cases, 133 deaths), Germany( 3,675cases, 8 deaths), France(3,662 cases, 79 deaths), the USA ( 2,269 cases, 48 deaths), and Switzerland (1,139 cases, 11 deaths).

但見2020.3.16日的導導指, 美國總統特朗普週一在社交網發文,首次以「中國病毒」稱呼新冠病毒;國務卿蓬佩奧指中方試圖把疫情的責任轉嫁美國。

But to see the report on March 16, 2020, Trump President at social network to issued, who first use "China virus" to call the new crown virus; the Secretary of USA Mike Pompeo to indicate CP China tried to shift the responsibility of COVID-19 the outbreak come from USA. 

且在2020.3.16同一日, 由美國自行開發出新冠病毒篩查新方法 但同樣由(鼻腔或口腔拭子)刮出測試怪招,也指出由霍普金斯大學於311日首次使用該方法分析人們的鼻腔或口腔拭子,前3天總共進行了85個測試。

And same the time of March 16, 2020, USA by oneself to build to screen a new method of new crown virus report too, but still equally by the nasal-cavity or oral-swabs to scraped for test the strange move all as above the medical monster of CP China or HK, and by Johns Hopkins University of Maryland to first use already have 85pieces test result report on March 11, 2020!

如上由港特產的醫學哄騙術祸乱全球怪招之破解十分简单, 也就由鼻腔或口腔包括深喉刮出之體外寄生物是否就可用於“確診”體内病态?

As above by “HK’s specialty” of medicine coaxing already to bring disaster on global to crack it was very simple easy, because from the nasal-cavity with oral-swabs or including deep-throat to scrape out the things yes or not the all things outside the body?  If yes, why could by that ectoparasite to “confirmed diagnosis” the morbidity in the body? 

更可恥的是,就因透過空氣入肺更新血液含氧量仍人生常態, 而空氣中微顆粒及微生物多多如是而必有少量陪同入血可驗必然,如上改變確診手法其二的驗血測試那就更荒謬無度!

It more shameful is, because through the air into the lung to renew the Oxygen content still life normality, and in airs the micro-particles with germ so much that necessarily have a little accompany into the blood after can to test inevitable, therefore, above changed the diagnosis method on March 31, 2020 that must to blood test it would be even more absurd!


Therefore, above thorough to reverse medical ethical the rubbish trick of “confirmed diagnosis” to expose just let above medical monster of CP China or HK to injured all over the body and need not discuss, but why still have  so many countries to fall for?  Whether to receive the bribe after to arrogation ignorant a dupe?  Or to agree this rubbish trick maybe to assist the part in power to make for autocracy that already to merit discuss in worldwide!


Not to dupe contrarily to tie in CPC’s medicine fraud those country face already can’t escape shape!


 Internationally, the ex-Secretary of USA Kissinger was to publish subject is “the new crown virus to pandemic wills forever change the world order” at Wall Street Journal on April 03, 2020, him was to point out, the epidemic to affect for mankind health maybe temporary, but the political and economic turmoil it causes may continue to affect some generations!  So him to call on countries to solve current problems on the basis of cooperation, otherwise they will face the "worst result”!

但由此可見,基辛格早就知道如上醫學騙局的来容去脉,即如讓中國的病毒王朝此醫學哄騙術得呈,即如lzm一旦被隔離謀殺後, 如底部的傳真去信175個國家大使館領事館可見盡知lzm人人必用之5大發明不也几乎尽知全球各大学 是否也將继续隱瞞幾代人?如此“最壞結果”又将如何处理?!

       But this showsKissinger has early been known above medicine fraud the ins and outs, then if let CPC virus dynasty have to present and then by this means to separate the invention lzm after murder, such as on this page bottom those fax letter to 175piece embassies and consulates of countries, who already know anyone must to use of lzm’s five big invention and not also almost already to know anyone university of global?  Whether it just can to continue conceal some generations?  So as this "worst result” it will how to deal with?!

基辛格就為美國權力核心代表之一,早清楚中國病毒王朝其只為 鞏固病毒疫苗為其愚民工具什麼代價均可負出,如在2015Ebola瘋狂之時也多次前往北京勸說病毒王朝不應再阻止承認lzm洗肺醫疔法的公開應用, 但老是前功盡廢從 www.ycec.sg/UN/150117.htm 可見!

       The Kissinger just is one of the behalf of US power core, who already early to clear the CPC virus dynasty just for strengthening the virus vaccine status only can become an obscurantist tool so whatever price even can to bear!   For example, when Ebola was crazy in 2015, he also went to Beijing many times to persuade the virus dynasty should not prevent acknowledge the wash lung treatment of lzm to open use, but always to nullify all the previous efforts from www.ycec.sg/UN/150117.htm visible!


     But seen from the right picture, why March of the Canada premier lady, Australia Minister of the Interior and the recent British Prime Minister Johnson also must to accept above rubbish “confirmed diagnosis” means after to self-segregation?

   難道如約翰遜詐称不知 www.ycec.sg/SG/181018-Cam.pdf 中涉及所有英國人健康議題早就傳遍英國大學以及www.ycec.sg/911/200226-uk.pdf 不久前剛給英國駐港總領事信中也要求吿知首相衛生部門 COVID-19 確診手段全面造假的前後因由,以及還有肺部氣流防疫法lzm 最新發明可防止仼何傳染疫情更該吿知所有英國人

      Could it be the Johnson still can to arrogation as that involve all British health subject early already to spread all British university, and at  that soon before just given consul general of British a letter to requests must inform premier with Ministry

of Public Health the “confirmed diagnosis” means of COVID-19 to all-round fraud the origin, as well as still have the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" of lzm’s latest invention can to prevent any infection still must inform all British

显然不是,但為何加拿大, 澳大利亚及英國還要配合香港导演造假透頂的武汉肺炎確診遊戲?造假確診人数也不少, 就同樣如香港政府一樣就不教民眾“肺部氣流防疫法”還要迫戴口罩及吃退燒藥謀殺, 不也只會死得傻瓜瓜入地不明所以, 不好嗎?!

       It obvious not, but why the Ca, Au or Britain still must to harmony with HK Gov., to direct fraud thoroughly “confirmed diagnosis” of COVID-19 play?  And to fraud diagnosis number not less, the same as HK Gov., still not to teach for public the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" and still to wear mask again to eat antipyretic murder, not also only can fool melon to die and unknown so, is it not good?

但加拿大及澳大利亚他們的駐港總領事均也收到lzm於二月中的傳真信件,除有關eGate 侵權之事仍被追債外、也同樣告知武汉肺炎疫情造假在香港只志在如 lzm入境後可隔離謀殺其意圖, 但同樣告知“肺部氣流防疫法”的最新發明更理當讓所有加拿大及澳大利人尽知,就可令人人流感发烧一生不再!

But Canada and Australia their consul general same to received lzm’s letter on February of 2020, except to dun their tort debt of “eGate” after, the letter at same to info the COVID-19 fraud in HK that only a purpose is then lzm entry HK after will to separate again murder that origin, but lzm still to info the latest invention of “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" still must to know for all Canada and Australian, that just can anyone flu fever lifetime no longer!

显然不是,但為何加拿大, 澳大利亚及英國還要配合香港导演造假透頂的武汉肺炎確診遊戲?造假確診人数也不少, 就同樣如香港政府一樣就不教民眾“肺部氣流防疫法”還要迫口罩及吃退燒藥謀殺, 不也只會死得傻瓜瓜入地不明所以, 不好嗎?!

       It obvious not, but why the Ca, Au or Britain still must to harmony with HK Gov., to direct fraud thoroughly “confirmed diagnosis” of COVID-19 play?  And to fraud diagnosis number not less, the same as HK Gov., still not to teach for public the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" and still to wear mask again to eat antipyretic murder, not also only can fool melon to die and unknown so, is it not good?


Therefore, HK & CP China or above those medical monster certainly will not to tell any country:

哎呀, 不错, 我們的確診造假的, 戴口罩絕對有害發燒者, 如不強調要戴口罩那不就無戲可演嗎!』!

Oh, not mistaken, our diagnosis is fake and to wear mask is definitely harmful fever patient, if not must to wear mask then not just nil play to pay?!

    因此, 也馬上從鳳凰TV可見又再大贊被下令不得公開洗肺醫療法导致宁死不洗肺lzm去信勸說也無用即活活被害死的李光耀專輯, 果然,馬上可叫出尚不知真相的新加坡政府於April 15, 2020宣佈出門非戴口罩不可, 否則罰款300新元, 以為就可撑住上述醫學怪獸否認不了口罩有害健康事實 後的病毒王朝暗中操控的另一历史見證!

    Therefore, at once from the Phoenix TV can to see by an old compile to praise because prefer death not to Wash-Lung that include lzm by a letter to persuade of no help so alive to harm die the Li Guangyao, just as expected, still no to know real situation of the SG Gov., at once to announce anyone to go out must to wear mask, if not to fine $300 SGD, which is to feel already by above medical monster can’t deny the fact of mask evil health to work the ropes by virus dynasty of CP China an another testimony!



     By comparison, the following countries ready to accept responsibility by CP China why initially concealed the new crown  disease those   deaths numeral so requirement to pay compensation, but possible, this may be an another class of fellow travelers as the Falun Dafa group in their Dynamic network to popularize deal in

On the Mar., 17, 2020, the US attorney LarryKleiman appeal to the Federal Court in Texas  mentioning the complaint, accusing the CCP of developing chemical and biological weapons, causing a global pandemic virus CCP And demanded that the Chinese Gov., compensate at least US $20 trillion for this .

The Indian Bar Association filed an international complaint, claiming $20trillion in compensation for the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic, while Pakistan’s former Minister of the Interior and Senator Rahman of the Pakistan People’s PartyMalik, wrote to the UN Secretary General Mr. Guterres,  the formation of a special committee recommended that the CPC virus, to investigate whether the virus is man-made, and places of origin.

 An official Iranian spokesperson criticized the CCP so openly it was unprecedented. Texas Senator TedCruz said that WHO should consider removing Tan Desai. Communist President Vladimir Putin regularly tested and virus repatriation of Chinese people has to leave like wind! Egyptian lawyer sued Xi Jinping for 10 trillion US dollars.

       April 3, 2020, the Australian Federal Councilor GeorgeChristensen MP instead interviews with reporters of the view that the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) outbreak, the responsibility of the CCP, "It is because the CCP is not as It has caused the pandemic of the virus worldwide.

如上的起訴若非有錯中計? 那就為反向协助中國政府偽造COVID-19在全球大流行營造恐怖氣氛如WHO總幹事譚德塞

Above the prosecution if not have wrong to be trapped That just to in reverse to help CP China to   counterfeit COVID-19 of Global pandemic to create the ambience as WHO Director Tedros Adhanom

事實十分明顯,問題就在由香港醫學怪獸提供的垃圾確診手段刻意將天然體外必有的細菌病毒蓄意全假稱為新型冠狀病毒COVID-19然後再造謠歸入源自體內病態, 再繼哄騙要戴口罩隔離及封城因此, 從武漢、香港及今天的新加坡“確診”報導數字均是有所內定, 被隔離者不一定真的會強迫戴口罩,因此如香港及新加坡“確診”後死亡的數字十分有限只志在營造恐怖氣氛才可保留隔離令等候如上 “洗肺” & “冷凍 PCT/SG03/00145可見的本發明人出入中港時就可隔離謀殺如此而已!

      The fact was very clear, the problem only by HK Medical monster to provided those garbage diagnosis means to let out of body natural must have all germs virus purposely to false name for new crown virus or COVID-19 and after again to rumors to include derived from morbidity in body, and again continue to cheat must to wear mask quarantine and closed city, so since from Wuhan, HK or toady’s Singapore that “confirmed diagnosis” to report numeral even to unofficial decision, those quarantine not sure real to force wear mask, so as HK or Singapore those diagnosis after to die numeral very limited only aims for terror atmosphere only can to retain the quarantine order to wait for above the “washing lung” & “freezing” two treatment of PCT/SG03/00145 inventor me then come or go out HK & China just can to quarantine after murder that's what it all adds up to

      義大利、西班牙, 法國, 英國或今的美國的“確診”死亡人數是否造假?也有待查證!

     And then the Italy, Spain, France, Britain or today’s USA those death toll of diagnosis” of COVID-19  whether to fraudIt also to wait verify

如上港特產醫學哄騙術禍亂美國 始於March of 2020

Above the medical coaxing of HK’s specialty to disaster USA starting from March of 2020

www.ycec.sg/HK/200213-hk.pdf   已吿知了特朗普 肺部氣流防疫法” 只要一用,任何流感、包括今天所謂的新型病毒 均可馬上滾蛋,且一生不再感冒發燒為本第5大發明也該及時告知閣下及全球

  From www.ycec.sg/HK/200213.pdf can to see I already inform Trump the Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law if only once to use, any cold include today so-called new crown disease or COVID-19 without except will go away, and lifelong will not have cold or fever again then fifth big invention shall be announced worldwide!


   But Trump and Secretary of State Pompei who just can't win the fight against mighty powers of medical syndicate and to scold non-professional not to guide the medical system!

     因此由右圖可見,在美國始於 March of 2020COVID-19的主要測試類型是拭子或鼻子,然後將樣品送至實驗室檢查是否存在病毒的遺傳物質。紐約州長科莫也在示 鼻屎,!

    So, as seen from the photo on the right, currently in USA the main type of test for COVID-19 involves taking a swab of someone’s nose or throat, and sending the sample off to a lab to check for the presence of the virus’s genetic material.   Governor of New York Chris Cuomo also demonstrate scrape booger, stupid!

      2020年4月6日,當美國支持Cellex的首個緊急COVID-19緊急抗體測試後, 但有健康專家說,該國距離廣泛的冠狀病毒抗體測試還尚久!

     Then US backs first emergency COVID-19 antibody test from Cellex on April 6, 2020, still there were Health experts saying the country is days away from widespread coronavirus antibody testing.


Because blood test of antibody with “vaccine” can lift antibody is similarly absurd and without any scientific basis!

         也由上右圖可見,為何有報導指TrumpEric Trump稱隔離是民主黨『戰略』, 選舉後病毒會神奇消失?顯然知道中港COVID-19醫學騙局內幕特朗普因此反對封城,但就不敢吿知公眾以體外之物體内病态荒謬的測試工具正是本世紀最反動透頂的希特勒逮捕手段、以免得罪FDA & CDC背後勢力強大的疫苗及藥物財團不利選舉!

    Also shown in above the right photo, why the news have to report Eric Trump, the son of Trump, call the quarantine means as astrategyof the Democratic Party ?  Who obvious know come from HK & CP China an inside story the medical fraud of COVID-19, so Trump oppose to lockdown cities and afraid to inform public by out of body things to diagnosis in body morbidity just is in this century most reactionary of the Hitler's arrest method, and for fear to offend behind FDA & CDC those powers mighty vaccine with drug syndicate unfavorable vote!

         www.ycec.sg/HK/200327-hk.pdf 可見已進一步吿知了特朗普 當前禍亂美國由CDC確診的「新冠肺炎」測試套件全是來自香港及中國的醫學騙局之侵權造假犯罪的測試手段, 即均為天然的體外之物岂可用於確診體內病態?...但就鬥不過 疫苗及藥物利益財團陰魂不散下跪之 FDA & CDC 部門再戴上WHO這一假圣, Trump 身邊的人均要如牢犯確診再令戴口罩, 難怪不戴口罩的Trump 也要假称已吃了瘧疾藥抗新冠!

          Again from the www.ycec.sg/HK/200327-hk.pdf can see, I further informed Trump President the current US disaster by CDC those test kit of COVID-19 fully to come from HK with China those to tort and fraudulent test means, which is why can by crude and out of body things use for diagnosis the morbidity in body?  ...but can't fight because have benefits consortium of vaccine & drug the soul lingering so to kneel down of FDA & CDC organization who still have to wear fake holy-cap of WHO, so include around of Trump those staff without except as prisoner must to test again order must to wear masks, no wonder no wear mask of Trump after also must to by a fib he already to eat malaria drug can to resist virus of COVID-19!


On the contrary from May 23, 2020 new can to see, in US to reopen economical state those case report contrarily still more to low, this just not many to wear mask only beneficial health witness!  But, if let almost already in global any country Gov., as at the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to extensively inform public, the so-called case report it will be zero!  

由上可見,也正如上给特朗普信中所述:但難道 FDA or CDC 就不知道口液鼻屎均為體外之物, 就算非醫學專業人員也一看 即懂, 又豈可用於確診體內病態? 或不健康或可疑的隱形感染者那就更加荒謬!”以及 如果民主國家的執政黨還不詐傻應用必被反對黨攻擊難防, 因此,如上確診這垃圾手段即已成為各 國政客內鬥及謀殺工具! 今天的造假的武漢「新冠肺炎」現已禍及全球及美國也由此而來!”均清楚無疑!

Visible from above, too just as in the letter to Trump to state:『But is it your FDA or CDC who don't know all the “saliva or booger” are things outside the body or “ectoparasite”?  How can to use for “confirm diagnosis” morbidity in body? Even if not a professional of medicine also understand at a glance, how can to diagnosis as a diseased or questionable an invisible infector then still more highly absurd!andIf democratic state that party in power still not to feint a silly to use that have to attack by opposition party and difficult to defend, therefore, above diagnosis disease the rubbish trick already to become the politician infighting with murder a tool! Today fake Wuhan "new crown pneumonia" has already to cause trouble the world with USA to come from too! without except to be clear surely!

   難怪《紐約時報》在2020.5.21發文稱,由於美國美國生態聯盟研究機構曾在今年4月報告稱,新冠病毒起源 於自然,因此失去聯邦資金撥款,因此就有77諾獎獲得者聯名上書美國國家衛生研究院譴責...

  No wonder can to see The New York Times to report on May 21, 2020, because in US has a Research institute of Ecohealth Allianceon April of 2020 have a report to call the "corona virus originates from the nature,", so after to lose the appropriation , so a group of 77Nobel laureates has a letter to the National Institutes of Health to reprimand...

 也即在現今民主國家均有如 FDA or CDC 之背後就有一勢力強大疫苗及藥物財團,連對疫苗不信仼反感無比的特朗普也會於2020.4.25簽署批凖83億予聯邦資金推進冠狀病毒疫苗研發!

      It then today’s democracy countries have behind as  FDA or CDC of US a powerful vaccine and drug consortium, so include for vaccine unbelievable and disgusting of Trump too must to sign ratify 83 hundred million give Federal Funds to push on the vaccine of "new crown pneumonia virus" to research!



        But, again from May 18, 2020 new visible, because by COVID-19 viewpoint to argue, CP China at once to suspend inlet AU beef and collection barley inlet tax to exceed 80, so today’s AU Gov., to face just is the Australian life benefits or must to kneel down two pick, so the God also to look straight ahead...   


As "new crown pneumonia" to "outburst" of between Europe with Russia the Byelorussia though still has 17,000cases of diagnosis and only have 103 death tolls report, but Byelorussia Gov., always to emphasize no one to die from "new crown pneumonia" and the 103 death tolls even other disease who should have died naturally, because the fraud of "new crown pneumonia" to confront crash, so impatient WHO at once send someone to hurry strengthen "diagnosis" also useless, because of the leader of By Gov., who’s humanity positive value worthiness, so the letter e not have to squander


       Similarly, to be compelled to extensively to "diagnosis" already surpass 30,000cases of Singapore also only have 23 death tolls and same even other disease who should have died naturally of the aged!   There are reports to point, that all foreign workers in Singapore want to be infected the Wuhan pneumonia, that is, as long as they do not brush their teeth and to keep the "smelly saliva" ease to diagnosis must quarantine people who can go to the cruise; and not only can enjoy the sea view, also can to enjoy the cruise to eating and reside fine hotel-grade service!


Further have reports to point, there are nearly 30 of Americans believe that Microsoft's founder, billionaire Bill Gates who intended by the "new crown vaccine" for a pretext will to let the microchip implanted in the human body after in order to control them!

但特別也深知造假的「新冠肺炎」正是中華民族的惡劣災難之正直北朝鮮金正恩也就不被利用南韓虛假確診手段協助表演WHO 早在48日為北韓證實零確診金正恩病危疑雲遍傳實為隐身避開以免正面得罪中共為何不如收e收信後還要下跪的南韓文在寅新冠肺炎」的造假助手,特朗普也要出聲願為北朝鮮提供確診套件... , 包括知情的越南也零死亡!

But especially knowing the fake "new crown pneumonia" just the bad disaster Chinese nation the honest Kim Jong Un of North Korea also not to employ as South Korea to by false diagnosis means to assist act!  So the WHO too must to verify zero diagnosis of North Korea on April 08, 2020, so Kim Jong Un to be about to die of an illness the fog of doubt spread, but who really stealth to avoid lest front to offend CPC, and to read the letter of the Moon Jae-in of South Korea why still must to kneel down for a Counterfeit Assistant of "new crown pneumonia", and the Trump also to speak out willing to supply the diagnosis kit..., include in the know the Vietnam also zero to die!


Even if already to know above picture the Democratic Party by quarantine for an election "strategy", even after the Trump also marvel to un-call why have so many dead from where?  And as aboveEcohealth Alliance to report all to diagnosis case thevirus even from the natureis true but only to right one half, why? 


Centenarian Exempt-doctor of Timeslikely first in USA come to pass!


 Because by the diagnosis kit can not to explain "new crown pneumonia" orfrom the naturevirus, unusual is today in US to diagnosis all "new crown pneumonia" patient even come from out of body things, this thorough to upside down medical ethics with right and wrong means only is Democratic Party to hide not to say another "strategy" the key!

由此可見,特朗普已上當美國FDA or CDC及背後疫苗及藥品集團欺騙,因此反而會在臨近大選時會被拜登對手一箭便可轻昜下台,这就是 中共联手疫苗等藥品集團合夥最拿手陰濕的哄騙術,特朗普总统理當馬上公開揭露來自中港確診套件之醫學騙局並下令停止應用,並更要廣泛告知肺部氣流防疫法百歲免醫時代在美國也就可馬上到來,民主黨的選舉戰略仼何流感包括所謂的新冠肺炎仼何流耻辱的疫苗、載口罩及WHO馬上就可滚蛋!

       As shown, the Trump already to fall for US FDA or CDC with behind those vaccine & drugs group, so instead will be when the election is approaching only by Joe Biden of Democratic Party only one arrow that just can let Trump to step down, this is best tricky trick of CP China to join hands with the vaccine & drugs group, so the Trump President reasonable at once to open expose above the medical fraud of diagnosis kit and order to stop again to use, and still must to extensively inform all the American the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law", the Centenarian Exempt-doctor of Timesin USA also just can come to at onceTherefore, the election "strategy" of Democratic Party, any flu includes so-called COVID-19, shame vaccine, wear mask with WHO even can get away at once!

以及一輩子也不會再感冒發燒, 仼何由發燒引發的其他病變也將近零!

       As well as, they will never have a cold and fever in their lifetime, and any other fever triggered illnesses will also be close to zero!


     And the fact just is this, if to be taken in of any Country Gov., reasonable first to prosecution in International Court of Justice to claims point above college of medicine of HKU, CUHK & PolyU those medical demons!

   因此, www.ycec.sg/HK/200515.pdf 可見,也就因香港的不少媒体、立法議員及相關政府官員明知隔離令違規犯法、且如上缺德的醫學怪獸顛倒醫學倫理及反骨透頂的下之確診手段還繼續四处宣揚協助愚弄全港市民,因此馬上又於2020.5.15日再去信立法會主席詳列違規犯法何在,戴口罩更有害健康也進一步清楚無疑!

       Therefore, again from www.ycec.sg/HK/200515e.pdf or htm visible, because of some medium, LegCo members & related Gov., official of HK to know perfectly well the quarantine order to be against regulations and above wicked medical demons was to overturn medicine ethics with unusual diagnosis means, but who still continue to around publicize to help fool all citizen, so I again by a letter to president of LegCo inform where is the violation, and to wear masks harmful health also to go a step further clear undoubtedly!


Above this letter same to merit anyone country Gov., to consult only can to extricate to fall for the crisis! Because theCentenarian Exempt-doctor of Timesalready to come and no one can refuse!

現見醫學怪獸又如何回應,如 下

Now visible how to respond by the medical demons, below

   如上給立法主席信2天後,港大袁國勇於馬上於TV舞台緊急出動,但只針對口罩如右图 利用倉鼠作實驗,分別將有病毒的倉鼠正常倉鼠放在不同的籠,以氣流有病毒的籠吹向另一個籠  如果在無病毒的倉鼠籠放置外科口罩,感染率大大降低至25%,而將外科口罩放在有病毒的倉鼠籠內,模擬有感染人士戴上口罩,發現沒病毒的倉鼠感染率更顯著降低至16.7%有效減低病毒的非接觸傳播

     On above to LegCo the letter two days after, the Yuan Guoyong of HKU at once on the TV stage to urgent come on, but only to be aimed at the mask, as the right picture use the hamster to experiment and let one of have virus with other no virus total two hamsters to part into not alike two cage, and after by an airstreams from it have virus hamsters the cage to puff other a cage!  If on not virus the hamster cage to place a surgery mask, the infect rate will greatly to lower at 25%, and if let a surgery mask into have virus the hamster cage to imitate if have infector to wear mask, that just can to detect not virus the hamster cage the infect rate will still more greatly to lower at 16.7%, so it will effective to reduce not contagion of virus.


      It is thus clear that, the Yuan Guoyong his IQ almost to low stick to the ground, below



   其三,無病態者戴口罩也反而容易自我感染, 如上給立法主席信最後第4段中所述,即大氣中的病菌多多如是載口罩不就等如一謀殺陷阱!

I.          As this play of hamster cage everyone to know, because mask can to sift germ virus it with then have head cold those folks can’t to hug a child have not two kinds;

II.          If infector to wear mask yes can to reduce in front of who the infection rate, but this play of hamster cage contrarily to confirm the cold infector when will to suck back originally run away the germ again into the lung to breed to step up the serious cold chance!

III.        If no morbidity to wear mask also contrarily easy to self infect, as above to LegCo the letter that last paragraph 4. to state, that is in air the germ or virus so much, therefore, to wear mask not just like as murder a trap for all citizen!   


    The fact just is this, the Yuan Guoyong to play in cage hamster to wear mask only can beneficial to reduce the infection rate, but could it be said that just to deny to LegCo the letter that to wear mask harmful health fact?

   而從騰訊QQ網可見,早在4月份就有三個國內中學生戴口罩缺氧猝死,而中國駐以色列大使杜偉在官邸內猝死, 但大使馆反應遲鈍 必然也戴口罩謀殺?

   However from Tencent QQnetwork news can to see, only on April of 2020 that just have three middle school students because to wear mask after hypoxia to sudden death, and China in Israel ambassador Du Wei who the same to hypoxia to sudden death, but the embassy to react slowly it some to murder by wear mask inevitable?! 


  Unusual on new of May 31, 2020, within 4 days of HK that have three constable because to sudden death by wear mask to fall into a trap of murder!  

         由上可袁國勇只會哄騙當市民全為籠中倉鼠口罩不可, 竟可如此缺德設下的謀殺市民陷阱已不可否認!

         It is thus clear that, the Yuan Guoyong only can to assume all citizens as in cage hamster to coax, so must to wear mask can’t, but actually in this way can to wicked design a trap only for murder citizen in here already undeniable!


It particularly is, regardless of from crude air or morbid lung-cavity to fly out by foam those germ or virus whether majority not to ten minute life-span?     And if those germ or virus majority not into lung only by oral solution to swallow enter the stomach not to harm health whether life normality?

且如從 www.ycec.sg/UN/141027-hk.pdf 的去WHO 陳馮富珍信, 袁國勇有否本事反驳病毒" 傳染流感是過往醫學界的錯誤論斷?

And as from www.ycec.sg/UN/141027.pdf visible to ex-WHO Director Margaret Chan letter that medicine fact, Yuan Guoyong have or not the abilities to retort because the “virus" can to contagious flu just past wrong discuss and judge in medicine scope?        

     袁國勇傢伙就不敢直言,就因如直言那就無從可再拿疫苗戴口罩 愚弄市民了!

   But the Yuan Guoyong this fellow just dare not do be outspoken, because if to outspoken after who will not the face again to hold the vaccine with today’s wear mask again to fool of citizen!

右圖可見,已收 信後但蠢蛋化巴西醫學界為何還會學足中港垃圾“防疫手段”強迫虛假確診”者戴口罩令死亡龐大,同樣的,由香港袁國勇醫學怪獸導演的「口罩之亂局」正是虛假疫情歐美各國死亡率奇高的原因!

    Visible from the right a picture, already to receive e but Idiot of the Brazil medicine scope why can still to learn from HK & CPC thoseEpidemic prevention meansof rubbish to force false "diagnosis" who must to wear mask so the death toll huge, the same, by Yuan Guoyong of HKU etc. Medical Demons to direct "mask chaos" just by this false epidemic situation to lead in European and American countries the mortality rate to super high the cause!

   已收e信後的法國政府一直强调戴口罩無用在2020.3.05日也有報, 反為港媒笑話

   But already to receive letter after the France always to insist to wear mask useless on Mar. 5, 2020 can see as well, but it was laugh off as a joke by HK media!  


的患者以免影響他人,台灣CDC也如此, 但對噴口水政治人物就非戴口罩不可!

      And also to received eletter after the UK official only suggestion to wear mask may be look at whether have cough or to sneeze of symptom patient lest to influence another person, the CDC of TW also as this, but if always to spout those political figure not to wear mask can not!


      But Yuan Guoyong of HKU and other Medical Demons are still recognized by CEO as reliable medicine expert

   且如林鄭特首、官員及大部議員也 全噴口水政冶人物? 可馬上集体扮演籠中倉鼠繼續現身TV哄騙有害健康之戴口罩也不将肺部氣流防疫法 廣泛介紹市民難道非早死不可?!

    Just as the CarrieLam CE, some of official with LegCo member who all for always to spout those political figure?  And why could at once to group play as in cage hamster again to cheat citizen to wear mask of evil health and why too not let the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to extensively introduce use for citizen is it possible that not premature death can’t?!  


Any Gov. keep in mind:  Wear mask just like a murder trap!


      Why ?  Because have three constable to sudden death, so I must by a letter to Commissioner of Police inform the cause of death at visible, due to wear masks to breathe all mantle in mask, so the oxygen content to contrast crude air low no one unknowns, and then mask the humidity to add after will to induce altitude sickness and as kidnap to: 


1. Lake eruption zone;  2. By fabric or gummed tape to gag for rob or kidnapper;  3. Waterboarding of water torturer;


That is the mask wearer of blood hypoxia will to brain stroke sudden death as altitude sickness and the long-term wearer the morbidity will day by day to add, therefore, wear mask for a murder trap on this case come!

   又早前的去信可見,衛生署非法偽造的“確診”手段就今天禍亂全港的證據, 但立法會主席拒绝处理再去信,包括港媒900-律师行也均收閱...3天後被刻意安排下商台訪問的袁國勇仍不知羞耻地乱哄深喉測試每天要7500戴口罩不停口,商台也不敢質問戴口罩是否謀殺陷阱

And before   the letter visible, the Department of Health illegal forge of "diagnosis" means just is a proof of disaster all HK, but the President of LegCo refuses to handle so only again to a letter, including the HK media or 900 law firms etc. were also even to received read..., however on three days later, on deliberately to map out by Commercial Radio HK to visit Yuan Guoyong of HKU, but Yuan Guoyong still shameless to riot the “Deep Throat” to testing in per day must have 7500person and wear mask not to stop the mouth, and Commercial Radio also afraid to question the wear mask yes or not a murder trap?

且剛新仼的公務事局長 聶德權TV 聲稱強化管治要求公務員在就職宣誓務必效忠特首遵守法律,廉潔奉公衷誠而確實為香港市民效力即為港府已企图徹底走向个人獨裁正在圖謀开路中?

      Moreover, the new Secretary of CSB Mr. NIP Tak-kuen same the time to show at TV to profess for strengthen governance must to claim public servant in the inauguration oath must be loyal to the Chief Executive not observe law to honest and honest to serve for citizen..., that is today’s HK Gov. already attempt thorough to run personal dictatorship in the act of scheme in lead the way?

      由於立法會主席 2020.6.08又再拒绝 再去信警吿如再不處理将罪加一等 英文 雙語htm

      Because the President of LegCo again refuses to handle inform on 2020.6.08, so lzm again a letter to warn if again not to handle that guilt will to doubling e or bilingual on .htm

   以及更由於從TV所見,口罩學生無一不愁眉苦臉,只得馬上於2020.6.16去信教育局楊潤雄告知不得强迫學生口罩如不跑步猝死於一時也會缺氧令腦細胞死亡日增自卑症被蠢蛋化!事態嚴重,見 英文 雙語htm

   As well as still by Tv visible, all to wear gauze mask the student no one to wear a sad face, so lzm cannot choose but at once again a letter to Mr.Yeung Yun-hung Secretary for Education on June 16, 2020 to warn cannot to force student to wear gauze mask, because if not to run to sudden death for a short while also can to anaerobic respiration let the brain cell to die to add infantile autism after to stupid!  So the situation very grave can to see the e or bilingual on htm






  整 理 中...





Total 175 countries in Beijing, Taiwan & consulate in HK

早已全 肺部氣流防疫法 從何而來

Already early to known Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" from where to come!

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Because www.ycec.com suddenly in HK to vicious force closed on 2021.3.03 after and to intervene by Joe Biden,

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Burundi布隆迪 e   Benin貝寧 e     Congo 剛果 e     Cote d'Ivoirian科特迪瓦 e    Djibouti吉布提 e   Egypt埃及 e    

Equatorial Guinea赤道幾內亞e    Ethiopia埃塞俄比亞e    Guinea几内亚e    Kenya肯尼亚-e   Lesotho莱索托-e  

Mali 馬里e   Mauritius毛里求斯e  Mozambique莫桑比克e   Namibia納米比亞e   Niger尼日爾e  Nigeria尼日利亞e

Botswana博茨瓦納e    Rwanda盧旺達e   Seychelles塞舌爾e   Sudan蘇丹e   Senegal塞內加爾e  Tunisia突尼斯e

Tanzania坦桑尼亞e    Uganda烏干達e    South Africa南非e    Venezuela委内瑞拉e Zimbabwe津巴布韋e  

 Ghana加納e   Israel以色列e   Cameroon喀麥隆e   Cape Verde佛得角澳門領事館e  Gabon加蓬e  

Congo剛果共和國e   Eritrea厄立特里亞國e  Madagascar馬達加斯加e  

Angola安哥拉大使館e Burkina Faso布基纳法索新加坡大使館e  Congolese (Dem)刚果民主e Central African中非大使館e

Gambia冈比亚大使館e  Guinea-Bissau几内亚比绍e  Comoro科摩罗e  Liberia利比里亚e  Libya利比亚大使館e   

Mauritania毛里塔尼 亚大使館e   Malawi马拉维北京大使館e  Chad乍得北京大使館e  Togo多哥駐北京大使館e

美州Americas-consulate in HK & embassy in Beijing 

Argentina阿根廷-e  Brazil巴西e  Canada加拿大e  Chile智利-e   Colombia哥倫比亞-e   Grenada格林納達e    

Panama巴拿馬-e  Peru秘魯-e  Surinam蘇里南-e Uruguay烏拉圭-e Venezuela委内瑞拉-e 安提瓜和巴布达-e

Barbados巴巴多斯e領事馆 Mexico墨西哥e   Grenada格林钠达-e大使馆  Bolivia玻利维亚-e大使館 

Costa Rica哥斯达黎加-e  Cuba古巴e大使馆  Dominica多米尼克e大使馆 Dominican多米尼加e大使馆 

Ecuador厄瓜多尔共和国e大使馆   Guyana圭亚那e大使馆  Jamaica牙买加e大使馆  El Salvador萨尔瓦多e大使馆  

Trinidad-Tobago特立尼达和多巴哥共和国e大使馆  Algeria阿尔及利亚e大使馆

欧州-EU-consulate in HK & embassy in Beijing

France法國e Germany德國e Britain英國e Portugal葡萄牙e Rumania羅馬尼亞e Russia俄羅斯e  

San Marino聖馬力諾e  Polan波蘭e  Norway挪威e Albania阿尔巴尼亚e Austria奥地利e Belgium比利時e 

塞浦路斯領事館e  Czech捷克e  Estonia愛沙尼亞e  Finland芬蘭e   Greece希臘e  Croatia克羅地亞e 

Hungary匈牙利e  Ireland愛爾蘭e  意大利領事館e  瑞士領事館e 西班牙領事館e Liechtenstein列支敦士登e

Lithuania立陶宛e Luxembourg盧森堡e Latvia拉脫維亞e Monaco摩納哥e Malta馬耳他e Netherlands荷蘭e 

Sweden瑞典e Slovenia斯洛文尼亞e Slovak斯洛伐克e San Marino聖馬力諾e  Bosnia and Herzegovina波黑e大使馆 

Bulgaria保加利亚e大使館  Belorussia白俄罗斯e大使馆  Denmark丹麦e大使馆  Moldova摩尔多瓦e大使馆 

Iceland冰 岛e大使馆  Uzbekistan乌兹别克斯坦e大使馆  Montenegrin黑山共和国e大使馆 Ukraine乌克兰e大使馆 

North Macedonia北马其顿共和国e大使馆  Serbia塞尔维亚e大使馆  

台灣 Embassy in Taiwan

Guatemala危地馬拉e   Hondura洪都拉斯e   Haiti海地e   Belize伯利兹e   Marshall Islands馬紹爾群島e   

Nicaragua尼加拉瓜e    Nauru瑙鲁e   Palau帕劳e   Paraguay巴拉圭e    Tuvalu圖瓦盧駐台灣大使館e   

  Kingdom of Eswatini史瓦帝尼王國駐台灣大使館e   Vatican梵蒂冈教廷e 

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