Protesting for WTO conference in HK              English

               抗議 WTO 在香港開會        Dec.13, 2005



  The fair trade and intellectual property are WTO’s principles and the important vital of society civilization with extend by standard of the human rights. Therefore, the WTO has the duty to norm and investigate the morality, behavior of any member countries.      

        公平貿易是WTO的重要原則,是社會文明的重要組成及人權標準的申延,因此, WTO有責任規範及勘察成員國的道德行為。

       At present, at the location of WTO conference, if the WTO have not look into the unfair deal of HK Government towards Lin Zhen Man (lzm) of a HK citizen and unceasingly to deceived to tease for all HK citizens that Tamiflu it could cure bird flu for this reason to tort (use in not public) lzm ’s invention to cure the SARS and bird flu, at the same time to persist in murder for lzm, the WTO conference at this state for conference, didn’t the WTO not feels shameful?   

     此刻此時, WTO部長會的所在地香港,如果WHO不去追究為什麽香港政府會違背人權道義標準不公平地對待HK市民的林哲民,不斷地欺騙作弄市民福特敏可以醫治禽流感來以此隱蓋侵權不公開使用林哲民發明醫治SARS禽流感,不僅要奪駁公民權,並堅持要謀殺林哲民,世界貿易組織在這種不文明國度開會,WTO不覺羞恥嗎?

The WTO must follow with interest the HK Gov. to deprive of the civil rights on the cases of LDBM 220/2005, FAMV 16/2004, FAMV 21/2002 and FAMV 1/2002 etc and not to value intellectual property and simultaneously for concealing lzm’s invention to cure the SARS and bird flu! 

WTO務必關注中國香港政府剝奪LDBM 220/2005, FAMV 16/2004, FAMV 21/2002 and FAMV 1/2002等案公民權及不尊重林哲民的知識產權並欺騙市民,長期隱瞞林哲民醫治SARS禽流感的醫學發明

     The China, HK Gov. did not thank lzm’s invention that saved over one thousand SARS patients after May.15, 2003, the Donald TSANG Yam-kuen of HK Chief Executive who was to continued holding thus below the 500W power antenna of mobile phone at short range to aim and murder the Lin Zhen Man (lzm) ! ( which have detailed explain!)

      中國、香港政府並沒有感謝林哲民的發明拯救超過1,000多的SARS病人,但行政長官曾蔭權堅持不拆天線繼續以下面如此的500W手機天線近距離以輻射謀殺林哲民 網站上有更詳盡的說明! ( )


 輻射 270倍於安全標準謀殺證據在此!

Radiation 270 multiples for over the standard!              The evidence of murder below!

The UN must to follow with interest the HK Gov. was to become an uncivilized!


The trading minister of each country, please pass on to your Government, the lzm’s medical invention which was into the Patent Office of your country now, the Tamiflu is not effective in curing the bird flu, the UN in the middle to harmony with the lie which is not intolerable!   

世界各國貿易部長們,請轉告你們的政府,林哲民的醫學發明已進入了大多數PCT的國家專利局,福特敏根本不能有效醫治禽流感, the UN正在瘋狂地配合撒謊是不能容忍的!  

If you are a civilization and rule by law of country, please don’t assist, endure the China, HK Gov. to conceal! Or else, your country should be to it same the China, HK Gov. to furtively to use lzm’s medical invention and get an accusation of no to value the intellectual property, still in important, to deceive as will as your country people!  

你們的國家是文明法治的國家,請不要協助、容忍中國、香港政府的隱瞞,否則你們的國家也要學中國、香港政府偷偷摸摸地使用林哲民的醫學發明獲得不尊重知識產權的罪名?更重要的是, 欺騙的也是你們國家的人民!  


Lin Zhen Man 

Dec.13, 2005

LZM's warning to member countries of WTO/WHO  

Per trading minister of WTO



To expose conceal for medical science invent!


Using air as an interface definition, the bird flu, like SARS and other types of flu infections, is a superficial bacterial infection of the lungs.  Such bacterial infections can only be dealt with superficially. This can be said to be the law of the conversation of energy. And according to the law of the conversation of energy, any medicine which is to be ingested into the stomach or injected cannot be considered as a specific medicine, in the context of superficial bacterial infections.

我們必須以空氣為介面定義,禽流感與SARS及各種感冒一樣,均同屬肺部的表面性細菌感染,然而,表面性非典型細菌感染只能表面處理,可喻為是肺部非典型感染疾病特效醫治的能量守恆定律 (the law of the conservation of energy),而通過這一定律的介定,任何可吃到胃里及注射的藥物均非特效藥!

To explain further, the Tarniflu relies on absorption through the intestines and stomach in order to enter the blood stream to produce antibodies and to neutralize  the  viruses  produced  by the  bacteria  infection,  Obviously, neutralization of the virus and killing of the bacteria are two totally different matters.

進一步說明,福特敏是依靠腸胃的吸收轉換添加到血液中產生抗體及中和細菌感染后產生的病毒! 明顯的, 病毒中和與細菌殺滅 兩個不同的主題!  

While the vaccine can certainly bring about the production of antibodies in the blood, and neutralization of viruses is indeed the specialty of Tamiflu, the effect of Tamiflu really depends on the type of the bacteria which produced the virus in the first place! Yet the China and HongKong governments have been conducting intensive propaganda campaigns emphasizing the neutraIization of viruses by Tamiflu and the specialty of Tamifiu, with no explanation as to how to kill the bacteria. This clearly demonstrates an ignorance of medical science and an effort to deliberately conceal the truth!

不錯的,疫苗可誘發 血液抗體的產生,中和病毒是抗生素及福特敏的特長,然而其功效尚須要似乎細菌的種類!  中國及香港政府開足宣傳機器不首先去陳述如何殺滅細菌,只強調中和病毒的福特敏或者疫苗的特長,這顯然是一種醫學上的無知及是刻意隱瞞中的要害!

Therefore, the Tamifiu will not be able to kill the bird flu and SARS bacteria. The China and Hongkong governments are jointly deceiving the people! In actual fact, the China and Hongkong governments have been using LZM's invention secretly to cure SARS and bird flu patients since 15 May 2003.  However, their inability to publicly use the invention has resulted in the deaths of many from SARS and bird flu. This has also resulted in many phthisis patients not being able to benefit from the invention of the PFCO medicine! Such is the sorrowful state of the Hongkong society!

因此,福特敏是不能殺死肺部表面的禽流感或SARS細菌,中國及香港政府聯合欺騙及愚弄了市民!  然而,中國及香港政府從2003515日之後,一直在不公開地運用林哲民的發明去醫治SARS及禽流感病人,但也由於未能公開推廣使用,死於禽流感或SARS或豬鏈菌不少,還有更多的肺結核病人不於得益於PFCO藥物的發明! 這是香港社會的悲哀!

The China and Hongkong governments should respond to LZM's criticism! LZM's patent application of PCT/SG03/00145 has now been submitted to the relevant patent authorities of 80% of WTO/WHO countries, any government’s policy of medical treatment and to renew the textbook which can't do without this invent, therefore, please do not assist in concealing the truth, in insulting civilization, falsifying medical science, and deceiving the people of your country, thereby leaving a bad name in history.

中國及香港政府一定要回應林哲民的指責! 林哲民PCT/SG03/00145的專利申請已進入80% WTO/WHO 的成員國專利局,任何政府的醫療政策的制定,教科書的更新都離不開這個發明,因此,不要協助隱瞞羞辱文明竄改醫學史遺臭萬年並欺騙你們國家的人民!

Please be concerned with the civil rights of Hong Kong and to look through the website and remind your government to stop concealing the invention of curing SARS and bird flu!

I hope that per member country of WTO can have the full control over the bird flu in your country.


Lin Zhen- man

Hong Kong

Dec. 16, 2005