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  2006212日及後的日子,正當禽流感向全球擴散之際, WHO持別是及布殊政府卻繼續不明理地協助中國及香港政府隱瞞我的醫治SARS及禽流感的發明,我向全體尊敬的議員們傳遞了大量救助申訴電郵。

 After the Feb.12, 2006, proper the Avian Flu spreading worldwide, the WHO and Bush administration which continue to be unreasonable in assisting the China and Hong Kong government to conceal my invention, I was to sent out a large number complained Email relieved to respected entire councilors. ('s-error.mht)

我十分高興地看到了香港的美國商會隨後在香港發表新聞稿,指香港的空氣污染嚴重,如果不改善,將會撤出在香港的投資! 我在此感謝議員們這種道義上的支持!

I very glad to know, the US chamber of commerce of Hong Kong who at once publish a press release to point out the air-contamination of Hong Kong critical and if there is no improvement, they will withdraw investment in Hong Kong!  I very much to thanks this express support for morality and justice from entire councilors. 

但是,曾蔭權政府卻是拿出一張香港維多利亞港春天的晨霧景的照片,欺瞞市民,說美國商會的批評沒有其他的含意,我們的空氣汙染就是這么嚴重,你看,有圖為證,我們的空氣就是這么污濁!有圖為證  為了逼真表演,香港的天文台長還為此檢討勘察失責!曾蔭權狡猾多詐以如此手段遮羞惡評!

But, the Donald Tsang Government was very foxy to take out a photograph which shown beautiful scenery morning mist of Hong Kong Victoria Harbor for hoodwink Hong Kong citizen and international society, Donald Tsang Government pass through the TV news to enumerate morning mist for witness the air foul of Hong Kong!  For the lifelike to perform, so the Director of Hong Kong Observatory was self-criticism for prospect-duty!  Donald Tsang was cunning to use this means to cover up his embarrassment. 


But, today, impenitent Donald Tsang of HK chief executive was not afraid of losing the dignity precisely and to take the lead to destroy law and order of Hong Kong and the independent character of legal system impenitentThe website at


2006421   香港司法界的殉難日,在香港行政長官曾蔭權的威脅利誘下,香港高院的朱芬齡法官胡亂地刪除被告人為行政長官曾蔭權的HCA2260/2005一案!

21st April, 2006 was the martyrdom date of Hong Kong legal profession, by the threaten and bribe from the HK leader Donald Tsang, the Hon Chu J of HK High Court was ordered to canceled the HCA2260/2005 case of Hong Kong High Court at random


In the HCA2260/2005 case, which state four reasons of lawsuit to arraign the HK highest leader Donald Tsang for claims over to 10 hundred million U.S. dollars. The four reasons are mainly the conceal, tort for cure the SARS, Bird flu of medicine invent of Lin Zhen Man and murder, force-out Lin Zhen Man’s civil rights


The HCA2260/2005 case started on 14th November 2005 which had a Court Order made by Deputy High Court Judge Poon on Jan. 13, 2006 to directives, if the defendant (Donald Tsang) to appeal refuses defend and cancel the case, the defendant must file a reason statements by affidavit, but the HK highest leader Donald Tsang rejected for file any oath and acquiesce his guilty conscience, so Donald Tsang of Hong Kong chief executive was to abandon counterclaim the libel of plaintiff to redeem-reputation by the Secretary for Justice

因此,香港高等法院慌張失措地頒令删除了控告行政長官的案子! 判決書引述曾蔭權的書面陳述說,你的發明陳列在在香港專利局網上,可見沒有隱瞞,香港政府沒有義務幫你宣傳啊! 難道隱瞞就可如此簡單定義嗎?曾蔭權奸詐的形像已無以復加,難道這不是強盜邏輯又是什麽?

Therefore, the Hong Kong High Court was anxious to dismiss the charges against Hong Kong chief executive!  The court’s verdict has stated that the government has no cover-up and your invention where it can also be found at the Patent Office of the government websites, therefore, no one would cover-up your intellectual property rights and Hong Kong Government has no obligation to propaganda for you!  So the definition for cover-up matter is that simplified?  The crafty figure of Donald Tsang of Hong Kong chief executive was in the extreme, is it possible that is no robber logic? If no, what is that?

判決書進一步認為香港政府的電台電視專輯組為香港大學的袁國勇教授制作以生理鹽水就可以洗肺殺菌醫治SARS在香港廣為宣傳,被你指責盜用你的PFCO專利藥,與政府無關啊!  因此,你控告行政長官曾蔭權的案子實屬無聊、惡意中傷,雖然香港政府批給你HK1060833專利號,你也無權根據香港專利法的權力申請禁制令!

However, the court’s verdict went a step further opinion that the government’s media manufactures for Hong Kong University's Professor Yuan Kuoyong by the “physiological saline” may wash the lung sterilization to treat SARS, Bird flu widely to propagandize in Hong Kong, is accused by you embezzles your PFCO patent medicine, has nothing to do with the government!  On the contrast, your charges against Hong Kong chief executive are totally groundless, nonsense and may be up to some motiveAlthough Hong Kong government gave you a patent application number, you do not have the legal rights under the patent law to apply for the legal protection.


以上就是刪除了控告行政長官的案子香港法院所謂的判決邏輯及一面之詞,高等法院第18號命令第7條規則規定,每份狀書必須載有並只可載有一份簡要陳述,到底是香港大學的生理鹽水”或者是原告發明人的PFCO專利藥品是哪一種是唯一有效醫治SARS及禽流感?眾人皆知,如果不通過審訊程序,法院怎麽可判決是非? 難道這不是強盜政府圈養的強盜法官慣用強盜邏輯又是什麽?

Above mentioned is the professed “decision logic” of kick out HK chief executive's case and one-sided statements, but the 18th order 7th rule of high court rules is stipulated, every pleading must contain, and contain only, a statement in a summary form of the material facts on which the party pleading relies for his claim or defense!  After all the Hong Kong University's “physiological saline” or plaintiff inventor’s “PFCO” medicines which is the only effective way to cure the SARS and Bird flu? As everyone knows, if it could not pass through hearing procedure, what the high court how to verdict the right and wrong? Could it be said that the robber Government to rear livestock in pens the robber Justice was habitually practice the robber logic?  If no, what is that? 

這不就表明香港的法院根本沒有其獨立性!曾蔭權政府不敢面對審訊又拒絕原告專利人申請禁制令禁止香港醫院盜用發明人的PFCO知識產權,還要繼續詐稱是生理鹽水無關侵權?曾蔭權政府如何能如此自圓其說? 因此,判決書是語無倫次的,難道曾蔭權政府還不是一個缺德的政府嗎?

This indicated that the high court of Hong Kong simply does not have its independent character!  The Donald Tsang government was afraid to front hearing with again to refuse the patent inventor to apply for the ban to prevent from hospital of government to tort and steal plaintiff patent inventor’s intellectual property rights, still continue jactitation “physiological saline” to have nothing to do with to tort with the Donald Tsang government? What the Donald Tsang could be to justify oneself?  So the court verdict was to speak incoherently, is it possible that Donald Tsang government is not that a villainous government? 


Furthermore, Mr. Donald Tsang was to be indifferent to give way to the entire world to know the chief executive of Hong Kong is a person but who was not to know what the reputation and dignity! 

試問一下WHOUS CDC格佰达及各國的衛生部長,你們可以香港行政長官曾蔭權左手拿着一生理鹽水假冒林哲民的PFCO藥物, 右手還可以叫狗法官判你lzm實屬無聊、惡意中傷,踢除你的起訴兼付訟費啊!  你們可以這樣厚顏無恥嗎? 如果你們還要繼讀協助如此謊謬的隱瞞,你們對得這段世界歷史嗎?  請你們立即還歷史公道,也還自已清白!

 Try asking for US CDC, WHO and sanitation minister of each country, could you learn from Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang whose left-hand hold a bottle “physiological saline”, after that stretch out his right-hand to command the hired thug judge in which case to determine lzm’s lawsuit which were totally groundless, nonsense and may be up to some motive!  So the hired thug judge was to stop the case and order lzm to pay the courts!  Could you thus be ashamed?  If you again assist such the delusion conceal, are you to be worthy of history? Therefore, you must pay back the justice of world history, so can to redeem self-innocent!


      What is more surprising is that the shamed at verdict of Court of Hong Kong today is not accidental, the quality of judges that lowly deteriorate is an essential factor first. Second element is the intervention by the chief executive Donald Tsang between Hon. Chief Justice Li and Hon Ma CJHC of High Court who was to become a personal-alliance and leads to deterioration of the law and order of Hong Kong society.

因此,大批法官包括上訴庭胡國興、楊振權、袁家寧、鄧國楨法官及原訟庭任懿君、林文瀚、張舉能、杜溎峰、關淑馨、黃一鳴暫委法官及羅雪梅、陳素嫻聆案官等等如此之多的法官得以賊贓嫁禍虛構事實的判決手法公開不遮掩,包括支持黑社會分子掠奪林哲民投資在深圳的工廠資產相關的案件如高院的HCA9585/1999,及伸展到林哲民的HCA5037/38/1998, HCA9174/2000, LDBM61/2002, LDBM220/2005, CACV354/2001, CACV355/2002, CACV633/2001, CACV1093/2001, CACV122/2004, CACV362/2004, FAVM1/2002, FAVM21/2002, FAMV16/2004 相關的案件,香港的這班法官成了比黑手黨還要可怕的恐怖分子。

     Therefore, a large number of judges of Appeal Court who were Hon Woo VP, Hon. Yeung JA, Hon. Yuen JA, Hon Tang JA and a large number of judges of Original Court who were Hon. Yam J, Hon. Lam J, Hon Kwan J, Hon. A Cheung J, Deputy High Court Judge To, Deputy District Judge M. Wong and Master Levy, Master Chan etc. to judgments by booty to impute to technique and trump up a fact means to protect the Secret-Society to plunder Lin Zhen Man’s investment factory in Shen Zhen city of China thusHCA9585/1999 case, and to extend include all the case of Lin Zhen Man which HCA5037/38/1998, HCA9174/2000, LDBM61/2002, LDBM220/2005, CACV354/2001, CACV355/2002, CACV633/2001, CACV1093/2001, CACV122/2004, CACV362/2004, FAVM1/2002,  FAVM21/2002, FAMV16/2004 of Hong Kong Court etc. Why is it that the Justices of HK has become a terrorist more terrifying than the Secret-Society

上述的中文案例陳列在 提供各國政府、人權組織或各司法界的人文歷史鑒賞家了解香港法院司法公正何在,香港法官司法道德何在?!一國兩制的真偽又是什麽?!

The above mentioned in the case (Chinese) of Court of HK were on show at provided for per each Government of country, human rights organize or historian, connoisseur of legal profession to understand where the justice-right of Court Hong Kong and judicature-morality of judges?!  What is the one-country and two-system?

然而,行政長官曾蔭權是如何面對我們的國際申訴?有希望他會改正?  97後,到底香港政府淪落到什么地步?這將是國際社會面對的更要嚴峻關注的重大事件。

What HK chief executive Donald Tsang is going to about ours complain?  Will he rectified and learn from his mistake?  After returning to China in 1997, Hong Kong government’s standards were falling and are there a basis limit to the fall?  This momentous case will to look out upon and stern to follow with interest in the international society


Thus it can be seen that lying is an instinct of Donald Tsang Government, the chief executive of Hong Kong has no self-respect and rely on controlled medium of Hong Kong, to rely on their false investigate of public opinion support and adulation, all Hong Kong citizen were to received deception!

十分諷刺的是,在前一天的20.4.2006,國家主席胡錦濤在美國向全世界承諾保護知識產權,以此同時,曾蔭權倒行逆施卻可獲得國家副主席曾慶紅支持下在21.4.2006向世界文明展示野性!這是否可理解是中國政府的雙重性格,或者是各自為政! 胡錦濤已經有能力改正曾慶紅-曾蔭權的錯誤,國際社會不應再姑息!

It very to satirize is, China Country Chairman Hu Jin-Tao in America was to announce to promise to protect intellectual property rights, on this time, HK leader Donald Tsang was to go against the historical trend and to obtain Zeng Qing-Hong of China Country vice-chairman support to act wildly in the world civilization on Apr.21, 2006.  Could we to understand that is the ambiversion of China Government or each does things in his own way?  Chairman Hu Jin-Tao has already competent to reform the crime of Zeng Qing-Hong and Donald Tsang, so the international society do not over-tolerate again!

  我,林哲民, 在此呼籲各國政府政要、國際人權組織及國際政治家是時侯公開聲援及遣責捍衛文明社會人權及法制這兩大價值觀!

  I, Lin Zhen-Man, am here to appeal to the leader of government of each country, each international human right organization and international politician it is time to make a public open to verbal sympathy and reproach!


Lin Zhen-man 

 Hong Kong   Apr. 29, 2006


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