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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

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Why the Wash-Lung & Refrigerate two treatment still not open  for citizen of HK? 



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All Leaders of the third 20G Summit

Presidents or premiers

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the preceding G20 Summit of London, I have sent a letter to unmask the cause of financial tsunami of once-in-a-century is come from political affairs to interfere exchange rate of yen by China government for you, and the letter was to point out the purpose of political interference only for limit I have by a little commerce in the foreign exchange margin trading market for livelihood, the last an attempt is convenient to conceal my invent of cure SARS that washing-lung medical treatment to pass through application in PCT patent for save all the bird flu include today’s patient life of H1N1 swine flu.


Regrettably, since after the G20 Summit of London, the political interference of the act of foreign exchange margin trading market not have consequently stopped.  For instance, I have to sell out a small quantity of EUR/USA (1.4242) in foreign exchange margin trading market on Aug. 20, 2009, and after through the means of peeper and wiretap by them, the EUR/USA it will artificially push up to 1.50 in the wind and the amplitude was critical not enough at the foreign exchange margin trading market, all the leader of USA G20 Summit must to know, political interfere to the foreign exchange market it will to prevent from the redistribute of currency and to lead the invest not enough, so the global economic growth not have hope in this year!   


Since after the preceding G20 Summit of London short time of some month, the death toll of H1N1 swine flu were 3,205 people confirmed by WHO reported on Sep. 16, 2009.  Why all leader of G20 Summit still not have to convince China Government together admit above of my “washing-lung” medical treatment to save life?  Furthermore, the President of Costa Rica and Colombia also one after another to be infected with the H1N1 swine flu which not to bring up might as well, it how face to this heinous crimes of history, at the center of international stage of all the leader of G20 Summit of USA already to be one's unshirkable responsibility!    


Although I was clearly see that President Obama have a purpose of meeting up with Chairman Wu Jin Tao and together announced the “washing-lung” medical treatment for mankind society and assist China Government from the reverse side of history which elegant to exit from the stage, but it was very unfortunately, under the news, at this historical a critical moment, the before China Chairman Jiang ZeMam use as heart disease to be hospitalized force Chairman Wu Jin Tao in a dilemma, because he was to be afraid Jiang ZeMam may be die for the heart disease if announce the “washing-lung” medical treatment, therefore, Wu Jin Tao excuse the riot of China and urgent return to China.


 It was very misfortune, the catastrophe of H1N1 swine flu of mankind society, if the Jiang ZeMam still have ten year the age, isn't that the H1N1 swine flu patient still die more some one hundred thousand person?   

Currently, all the leader of G20 Summit at USA must to face innumerable lament from innumerable family members of H1N1 swine flu death, why the WHO did not to make public any a specific medicine but also afraid to allow my invent of the “washing-lung” medical treatment to save life?  

It was then found out the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan said that “To cure the H1N1 WHO must accept political leadership” in respond to news media of France on 30 Aug. 2009.  Obviously, the UN politico scorn life more terrible than the terrorist!  


Currently, the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan should be to take off the noose of historical gibbet and lockup for the head of all leader of G20 Summit at USA!


Obama President announced before of the G20 Summit at USA announce America Government that he will appropriation 10% of H1N1 vaccine to WHO allot to other country use for epidemic prevention and to shown at this G20 Summit will do not approve WHO use above this “washing-lung” medical treatment to save life and compromise for China Government, but no matter have any a reason, this is a big fall back for civilization of mankind society!   Because all the H1N1 swine flu, SARS, bird flu, phthisis and all other flu even is bacterial infection and not a virus infect, because this a blind spot of medical science of the world already open eliminate at WHO meeting on May. 20, 2003.  


It was clear that the virus is produced by those corpse and excrement of germs breed at the lung-cavity, it was correct, the Tamiflu maybe a very good might to neutralization the virus and the vaccine maybe bring micre-antibody to resist the virus of infect at the early days it can't go so far as to run a temperature immediately, but they could be to kill those germs of the lung-cavity?  The answer is negating 


However, why would most part of infect patient who recover by some of common antipyretic or not to eat any medication?  Because the ecological environment of germs to breed in the lung-cavity which undeveloped, such same of gnats stand at a pool, if the water face of the pool to unstable, the germs will to slink yet!  Such this “instinct of movement” is the lung-cavity inherent, therefore, any antipyretic , Tamiflu or vaccine only can to prolong the function space-time of “instinct of movement”, but no any logic a basis could be to verify which to be conducive to kill the germs!


But, why did the person of fatness maybe a crowd of high danger to fall ill of H1N1 swine flu? Why all young people have no any superiority to less the death rate?  And so on of all this answer will completely deciding in the ecological environment of the H1N1 germs breed in lung-cavity, here stay for pathology Master's student of Cambridge University to a dissertation, or in here proffer a study organization to observation embedding a lens at the lung-cavity to observe the ecological environment of the H1N1 germs, this undoubtedly still more convincing compare for me, therefore, the Mr. Martin Jahnke of pathology Master's student not should random to throw-shoes again!


From above-mentioned it is perceived that, Obama President paid attention to allot 10% vaccine give WHO to hoodwink share between other countries to stand for the sorrowful of contemporary mankind civilization not to rid of, also to portent the innocent die will to go a step further increase again, also though the China have enough foreign exchange to indemnify all the bereaved, that was enough atrocity, because the life was priceless


       In the news with conjecture, Jiang ZeMam of before the China chairman control used to heart disease to be hospitalized with long-term abduction national power, so he could be to successful to prevent from G8+5 Summit announce the “washing-lung” medical treatment by Obama with Chairman Wu Jin Tao, because he was to fear will have not one of country willing send out a message of condolence for him at after death.  It was very clear, this news really not indiscriminate, so at this G20 Summit of USA should be to arrange an agreement of a message of condolence to exchange don’t prevent from Summit to approve WHO can use the “washing-lung” medical treatment to cure H1N1 swine flu patient for save life, if not, it will be implicate all the leaders of G20 Summit without honor to return to one's country and report for national!


     On the side, if the washing-lung” medical treatment are not announced to the world, all the death toll of H1N1 swine flu maybe further quick lift, and for instance, the cost of public expense to medical treat of CDC it does not descend by a wide margin, so the reformation plan of medical treatment by Obama President can not success to affirm!  Therefore, is it possible that G20 Summit at USA will announce to abandon the values of life and surrender for evil?  This will be lead to all leader of G20 Summit who to feel a twinge of conscience and maybe to hold someone in sneering disdain by posterity!

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;

5. LDBM-220-2005;

6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMins favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  Below:

1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of  HK

4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

Police MainPage

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order for lzm’s

    house by Buildings Dept.,  

4. The apart order simultaneously to endanger neighbor property!

5. Ird & Bochks face lose for

HKMA too at risk

Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1. HengChang Ltd. to prosecute

 Jiang Zemin on 2007year!

2.Administer of Heng Chang Ltd to resist an official’s extort become a ruination on 1996year.

3.The sinister means by Shan Tou Jao Customs of ShenZhen City!  

4.Company of ShenZhen Gov., to hands-on loot begin 1998year!

5.Judge of DongGuan City Gov., to arrange loot begin 1999year!

6.Police, Procuratorate & Court of ShenZhen City unexpectedly to variety an rob accomplice?!
7.Jiang Zemin not thanks Lzm’s medicine invention to save SARS a national calamity in China, and why could be order to murder inventor?!

Over and above, Obama’s inauguration addressd warning to China Gov that: “…To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a helping hand if you are willing to let us.”, I admired this declaration too, but, the values of life, human rights and historical duty in the meantime to requests for Obama’s helping can not without time limit.  Because all leader of G20 Summit should be simultaneously to face innumerable, innocent to shout for help the bereaved, merciless history should be record down this ruthless split second and clear accounts who are the historical sinner!  


Lastly, I was congratulation this G20 Summit at USA should be success come to perfection.


Thank you!


Yours faithfully,

Lin Zhen Man

September 21, 2009.

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