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The mankind society was bulletined for thoroughgoing cure 

the SARS & Bird-flu on May.15, 2003


        How to cure the Bird-flu & SARS?    Why is it that we are proud to say that our wisdom can rewrite the medical history!     Therefore, what is the logical reason behind the invention?    

 We must to define according to air as an interface, the bird flu same the SARS and any types of flu which were sameness the bacterial infection of superficiality!  

If the network failure can turn to:  www.ycec.net or www.ycec.pk


1. PFCO-Machine;

2.  Property of PFCO


4. synthetic-show

Now ceremonious recommend for your laboratoryhospital or pharmaceutical factory it can to provide a wonder drug for infect disease of lung!

And to seek agent of each country or the patent to make over!  


To tort use of the historical witness!

   On lower right, the "wash lung room" was build up in two instances that confirm the official hospital of China in the course of open to tort!

   Nevertheless, the tort of case which indisputable evidence for tell you that value of our patent invent!

  Please to purchase our PFCO- machine for build up your "wash lung room" only can to esteem the intellectual property with your moral standards!  


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  To protect and esteem the intellectual property is a most important policy and values at present international society, it also a label and image to show the civilization degree of any one-country government!  

More data at


The war acts in

HK Sanitation Dept.

Why the Wash-Lung & Refrigerate two treatment still not open  for citizen of HK?

     Today, why the so-called "new crown pneumonia" or COVID-19 can to calamity in global? ! 

    From above right picture visible, the COVID-19 true as SARS germs nothing more, so after by ICTV to formal denominate for SARS-CoV-2 same 2003year the second kind of SARS germs, but WHO just afraid to call “new SARS virus”, whyThat just because in the SARS crisis phase, lzm at once by & that invention of “wash lung” treatment to announce to defeat SARS and re-write the pneumonia medicine history!  In the meantime, the cancer to harm human the same as SARS already to become a history!

     So the WHO to change name for COVID-19 to assume thus can to gloss over that after to conceal the ugly features, but no function still more a very ugly person!

    Due to exploitation out of body things again by the "test kit of COVID-19" to diagnosis morbidity in body this means of medical fraud come from HK and just because today's WHO Director already to kneel down to the CP China, so Tedros Adhanom must to agree with spread!

     In addition,  if the "wash lung" & "freezing" two treatment of PCT/SG03/00145 to open approve for international society it will lead west power their big business of vaccine & drug to majority will bankruptcy, also by this two big group of not virtue to intervene between in election war of political party, so the COVID-19 only can to calamity in global, still more details at: 

www.ycec.sg/HK/YellowPeril.htm or .com

   Because by "oral fluid or nostril to digging feces" of germs or virus that all come from crude things and "out of body" how could thorough to upside down medicine-ethics again abnormal to diagnosis "in body" the morbidity?  

     So this clear medical fraud of HK up to date history witness at  e or htm

Wear mask just like a murder trap undoubtedly! or htm

      This is an irrational attempt still influence WHO hold on to international conceal the "wash Lung" & "freezing" two lifesaving treatment only can to continue open up a road for fool tool of "vaccine"!  But already useless too, at .htm or as total 175countries in Beijing, Taiwan & consulate in HK in visible  "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" if to use, any plague with Vietnamese zero death so the COVID-19 at once just can to get out:

《 Centenarian Exempt-doctor of Times 》come to already!

It unusual is, the masked students still will to hypoxia if not run to sudden death for a short while also will to lead their brain cells to death and day by day to add autism after be stupid!     

 Because the situation acute, to see the englishor htm visible a letter to Secretary for Education of HK already still clear, so today's countries leaders can't again to cheat by WHO & fraud COVID-19 to lead their younger generation of self country also to idiot so unable to confess for their public!  

Anyone country leader still can not to be fully aware the test kit of COVID-19 of HK exactly fraud to tort means but who still to use to betray self country the public profit that criminal offense too just as to President of LegCo of HK in letter to listed at  english or htm visible that already have merit by legal profession of Anyone country to consult to quote!

If including at .htm or asvisible "home health hygiene" by "Saturated Saline" also to know the world already, and with "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" two compendious statement at  can to see,  if in the meanwhile to use, life expectancy will to 130years old is also easy, hospitals and clinic also It will be greatly reduced! Any plague and "virus vaccine" that medical scams including WHO this trash will go to hell forever!

Also, as can to see at the brine health hygiene or near future the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" at or .htm without except twice by email to inform all USA University

    Therefore,  by news can to see, the President Trump on Jan., 01, 2021 abruptly at White House fervor to lecture to state: 『…the “Speed Curve Operationto success is amedical miracle” , “We will end the pandemic once and for all”…』!    

  Because theSpeed Curve Operationjust is above the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law"  so by Trump to interpret or by this a tone sandhi to warn behind Joe Biden of the vote powers can not void his right of appeal, if not will to open this Prevention Law for worldwide!


But then in behind USA the vote powers at once to start to impeach Trump with seems in the dark to swap 4years after again support Trump to be elected president to force Trump can’t open one's mouth to success trade after, so the impeach case to fail it at once come to…

So then Joe Biden to be elected after of the Britain Queen also must to be forced for the first time to wear a mask to come on the stage, so as this a misfeasance to obvious of the west international powers why can to take national life to trade?

And at all can’t to incredible so it already must to opinion of

the public in worldwide!


But before the bad history witness still in front of!


 SARS germ

  Bird-Flu Germ


Then well-disciplined Jiang ZM Group of China

bribe small Bush & Obama after,

some patent office as the seal in the process of raping inventor now!




patent only steal

use in HK


        On the 2014year, the Ebola to kill life at west Africa already exceed 5000!  Therefore, I to have no choice an ultimatum by a open letter send to WHO's Director-General Dr Margaret Chan and by UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon on Oct., 27, 2014.    So after to convince by CP China, the Cuba at once to cover labor to stealthily "wash lung" for all  patients after the Ebola only can to disappear! 


A “center secret order” by

CP-China devilment

at HKs history witness

1. Tung Chee-hwa ratify granted to cure SARS patent given lzm after, so unhappy Jiang Zemin at once by “center secret order” to abet all HK medium gather to force resign from the stage!

Police Main-Page

2. Is who to install cell phone aerial plot to fire-kill Lzm?

   So the police of Kwun Tong afraid to handle!

 3. Why police could to participate

to abet tenant not to pay the rental and arrest lzm? The result was to make a fool of oneself! 

4. Gov. dept. was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house, ...so the shamelessness already to reach utmost!


Lawless disturbance aimed at lzm by HK Gov., dept...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Communications Authority to start a precedent of Gov.-Business collusion... 

2. Intellectual Property Dept. to rob nil morals at here!

3. The lawless housebreaking order again by Buildings Dept. so the duel to resurge!

4. The lawless housebreaking order same to endanger adjoin owner right also will not grudge!

5.Inland Revenue Dept. & Bank of China (HK) two face light not find, so the Monetary Authority of HK as precarious as a pile of eggs too!


 Lzm to invest in China the sad history of HengChang Ltd.!

1.HengChang Ltd. to prosecute

 Jiang Zemin on 2007year!

2.Administer of Heng Chang Ltd to resist an official’s extort become a ruination on 1996year.

3.The sinister means by Shan Tou Jao Customs of ShenZhen City!    

4.Company of ShenZhen Gov., to hands-on loot begin 1998year!

5.Judge of DongGuan City Gov., to arrange loot begin 1999year!

6.Police, Procuratorate & Court of ShenZhen City unexpectedly to variety an rob accomplice?!

7.Jiang Zemin not thanks Lzm’s medicine invention to save SARS a national calamity in China, and why could be order to murder inventor?!

8. And why the secret service agent” of Jiang Zemin to included Lzm’s girl also not to let off, so must specially in office holder of ShenZhen City to choose handsome boy and to given Gov. expense to entwineIf you will to be all eagerness to see it, please in to the photo album of QQ290619513! (製作中...)

   Now, for relieve of as USA society's panic and your life power, you must earnest browse below the full text and witness this stinking history by WHO to kill without batting an eyelid:

www.ycec.sg/UN/141027.pdf  or Chinese www.ycec.sg/UN/141027-hk.pdf

The newly email meat at:→ www.ycec.sg/UN/141122.pdf

《WHO slaughter Ebola life fast to add & Relation to direct MH370s oddly disappeared together top of evil in 2014year! 》   lzm/17.01.2015 in Hong Kong    PDF     HK- PDF      CN-PDF  CN-htm

The main  page at 


     Because God has the eye, Jiang Zemin of China at last to show whose true colors by zaobao.com to report atwww.ycec.net/081219.pdf & www.ycec.pk/advice/081219-cn.pdf can to see, a Sweden prosecutor before medium on Dec. 18, 2008 to open query why the China Gov. could be repeatedly to free supply public house etc. means to bribe appraisal member of Nobel Prizes on 2006year?     And it also can to solved why the Chen-Ning Yang this fellow could to speak incoherently Chinese now not need Nobel Prizes” by this shit to quell the resentful come from academia of HK on March of 2006year!

www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon.htm  or www.ycec.pk/UN/war-felon.htm

    Thanks to the bird flu as well as SARS and any other types of flu it like today’s H1N1 were the same bacterial infection of superficiality in the lung, hence eating any pills such as Tamiflu or injecting any antibiotics or vaccine for the bird flu or H1N1 is not a specific remedy and not only from the theory of property of medicine until to the innumerable clinical conclusion, anybody can understand this principle easily, it is not a specific remedy  for opposition the bird flu, SARS and tuberculosis etc.   

   Especially is by LZM in the invention dissertation of how to treat SARS virus to stretch that newness “freezing” treatment just can easily to defeat cancer to make public after, the successes application at hospital of HK to announce a victory by newspaper on September 09, 2003 and can to see at:    

   www.ycec.sg/Cure-cancer-cn.htm    or turn to   ycec.net  or  ycec.pk

So the catastrophe in China & worldwide the seeds at here!    

      Particularly on June of 2006 after, the false cancer vaccine at once to enter the market on HK, a large number of people come from inland China immediately by cheat come to HK and everyone to spend nearly $9,000 HKD to inoculate three doses by this big money to make a fortune and block in mouth of HK’s medicine profession so resulting too…, but the most serious an outcome is to die cancer those HK citizen every year nearly 30,000 person, and not to open the freezingtreatment in inland China to die cancer patient every year still nearly 3,000,000 persons, and majority to family broken up with to be heavily in debt, as well as not to open wash lungtreatment for public and counter to force students must to shot vaccine only beneficial to be a moron this just a catastrophe of Chinese nation…

       Therefore, most important appeal at HERE, all the M.D. or Ph.D of virus specialists or pathologist unusual include all the Nobelist of Physiology or Medicine who must dauntless to amend those outmoded virus theory by them for school book and make up for public in world:

1.        The virus is not really the major cause of flu in lung infections, all Tamiflu and vaccine were errors to the subject and to put the blame on their mutation if as it was to lose efficacy for the virus that was entirely groundless!  Furthermore, the mutation of theory was disobeyed by the evolve-logic of gene;

2.        Thanks to all the germs to infect in lung that was superficiality, “washing-lung” is the only effective medical treatment and it was an LAST invention at the field of lung bacterial infection disease in mankind society;

3.        Therefore, is unnecessary for the mankind society to fear the death rate of all flu again from this moment on. 

4.   But sadly, those Tamiflu or vaccine that factory owner’s stock market the radiance will be gone and never to return, in here to remind all stocks vendee! www.ycec.sg/911/eGate-HK.htm

  New Zealand patent office already approved this application to become a first civilization power country of west camps and to leave behind a good reputation down the history     

  NZ patent office      

      However, then President Obama with China Wu Jin Tao had an agree and arrange that them will together announced the washing-lung medical treatment for mankind society at the G8+5 meeting of Europe on July 10, 2009, but unexpected that is the China Wu to hand an order that he must return to one's country and report immediately on July 10, 2009, so the arrange was to fail, therefore, the New Zealand patent again to withdraw a while ago grant’s that patent No. 540943 immediately!  

                It was very clear that a game of international an oligarch still to be in vogue!

 specially-to- explain 

       Our product is a machine solely used to mix two substances for prescription a drug only and it also does not come in contact with the patients.         Hence, purchases of our medical equipment do not require the formal approval from the Food & Drug Administration of Government Department.    In the eyes of the law doctors, this is belong the prescription-right of a doctor for bring to put in use.

        Other than treating the bird flu, SARS, tuberculosis and other type of flu, the commerce-value of this invention is invaluable!  

     The core value of the invention and other commerce of this patent invent lie in the building of "lung washing room".  Due to our advertising and the popularize of my business, Nan Jing city of China did not respect the law of patent and built a "lung washing room" for business, at the same time cultivate professional doctor of "lung washing room" for much area hospital in the cities of China! In the China now, the fee for each case of “wash-lung” that was about between at $630-875 USD!

     In facing the crisis of SARS in year 2003, the China and HK Gov. did not thank lzm’s invention that save many, many SARS patients after May.15, 2003, since our patent application in China Patent Office on June 7, 2003 till now,  the China Government still refuse to admit and grant me my patent!   On the other side, in the areas of China which tort instance which not to value our intellectual property has occurred extensively:

   1. The tort of subject hospital of Lung-Chest of Nan Jing city of China authorities was disclosures;

   2. The Dept. of China authorities reported at that funds were raised to wash-lung for 200,000 miners.

   3. China official http://cctv.cntv.cn/ to lied use by the physiological saline for "wash-lung"!

   4. Chinese state-run colliery to put up capital Wash-lung for miner!

    As a result of the news to seal off, we know that the above verify on today!  We are hitherto protesting for the patent office of China in here, why did they delay in examining and approving our patent! That proves the above tort case that this is a Government image of extreme disgraceful and not civilization!

    Besides, Mr. Wang Loon-De, vice-minister of  Ministry of Health of China verify that five hundred millions people of China were infected with the tuberculosis germs, this state clearly that value of our invention is invaluable!

Lin Zhen-Man of inventor’s fruitful results of medicine which no to tolerate obliterate!

Below the pictures of West African Ebola disaster again to testimony

crime of conceal lzm’s medicine invention!

WHO for conceal just lie the function of vaccine to contend with the bacterial infection

from lzm’s medicine invention continue to kill without spilling blood !

But in inventor an ultimatum letter already to reveal the true nature or colors completely!

The ultimatum letter www.ycec.sg/UN/141027.pdf 

《WHO slaughter Ebola life fast to add & Relation to direct MH370s oddly disappeared together top of evil in 2014year! 》 

lzm/17.01.2015 in Hong Kong    PDF     HK- PDF      CN-PDF  CN-htm

The rare history scenes for witness of SARS crisis!  

The Taiwan Gov. had given orders to seal off the peace hospital to “bury alive” those SARS patient

 and doctors, nurses to avoid the SARS from spreading endlessly!  

The protested from the staff and workers of Peace Hospital! 

The Chang Geng Hospital of Taiwan was closed and same destiny too!

    As the bird flu is spreading in every country! 

 Germany had to send their soldiers to prevent the bird flu from spreading!


The below leaders shared joy and sorrow with our company's  invention and their history-duty did not to shuffle off!  

History will to give judgment them one by one!  ( producing)




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